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JSP Prague Presents ‘Guns and Roses’

JSP Art Gallery in Prague presents Guns and Roses, the first ever joint exhibition of two prominent ladies of contemporary Czech art, which is a provocative combination of two seemingly different worlds: the world of mythology, hunting and death with the world of faces and lives of specific people. Paulina Skavova’s mythological characters are sensuously, sophisticatedly and gently ironically connected with the erotic aspects of hunting, “bird” wardrobes or with female trophies and draw the...

Richard Štipl and Cognitive Dissonance in Prague

JSP Art Gallery in Prague has opened Cognitive Dissonance, an exhibition of the works of the esteemed Canadian-Czech sculptor Richard Štipl, curated by the renowned Italian curator Lucia Rossi. Richard Štipl, born in 1968 in Šternberk, Czech Republic, is known for his solo exhibitions in Mexico, Zurich, Prague, Toronto, and New York, and now lives and works in Prague. Educated at the Ontario College of Art, Toronto, and winner of an Honours Diploma and Governor...

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