JSP Prague Presents ‘Guns and Roses’

JSP Art Gallery in Prague presents Guns and Roses, the first ever joint exhibition of two prominent ladies of contemporary Czech art, which is a provocative combination of two seemingly different worlds: the world of mythology, hunting and death with the world of faces and lives of specific people.

Paulina Skavova

Paulina Skavova’s mythological characters are sensuously, sophisticatedly and gently ironically connected with the erotic aspects of hunting, “bird” wardrobes or with female trophies and draw the recipient into a mysterious world on the border of life and death. Despite the very detailed technical concreteness, Skava idealizes her characters, as if she were trying to break the invisible border between the world of humans and animals and the world of mythological entities.

Paulina Skavova, Kozlice, 2019

Compared to the artistic way of viewing the presented scenes in Paulina Skavova’s work, Ivana Štenclová’s approach is more intimate, “shyer”. Her characters thus become immortal together with their little life stories. In her work, Štenclová, in an almost mystical way, creates a whole series of relationships with people close to her and far away, who together with her create a special, “closed in time” family.


Ivana Štenclová (1980), a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, became famous for her experimental work with form, techniques and industrial materials. Her drawings, processed with a melt gun or a syringe, and the use of non-traditional media such as insulating coverings or wires, reflect an unconventional view of interpersonal relationships and the family theme. Her works are represented in prestigious institutions such as the National Gallery in Prague or the A. Warhol Museum of Modern Art in Slovakia. Paulina Skavova (1976), another graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts, again appeals with her invention and playful approach to figurative sculpture. Her works, which radiate elegance and an erotic charge, are part of prestigious collections such as the National Gallery in Prague and the Montanelli Museum.

Ivana Štenclová, Tramontana, 2023

The exhibition of both artists at the JSP Art Gallery offers a unique opportunity to step out of the fast sequence of everyday events and, on the contrary, enter the mythic/mystical stories of people, animals and inconspicuous witnesses of our presence, such as children’s toys, coloring books or mysterious ravens observing various life stories from behind the branches.

Ivana Štenclová

JSP Art Gallery invites viewers to the Guns and Roses exhibition to gain a deeper understanding of the interaction between two distinct yet mutually inspired artistic expressions at the JSP Art Gallery, Lázeňská 287/4, Prague 1 – Malá Strana.

Guns and Roses
April 17 – June 7, 2024
Exhibition curators: Terezie Zemánková, Jaroslaw S. Pastuszak
JSP Art Gallery, Lázeňská 287/4, Prague 1 – Malá Strana


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