Prodigy Frontman Maxim’s Faith in Human Nature

Clarendon Fine Art has announced a new solo exhibition by Maxim, eminent mixed media artist and legendary frontman of techno rave band The Prodigy, on 15th November 2023.

The show will open at Clarendon’s Covent Garden gallery on the eve of The Prodigy’s major European tour Army of the Ants, and will present a brand new collection of original paintings, sculptures and limited editions.

Maxim – Girls Future Blue – 39 x 39 – LED Edition

The socially charged collection explores Maxim’s unshakeable faith in human nature in the face of division and conflict. Through his innovative use of unconventional materials, vibrant colours and technology, he allows the shocking and the gentle converge to create a surreal message about life, love, and the positive outcomes we can create with our own actions and attitudes.


The collection is full of contradictions and surprises, such as figures in riot suits handing out flowers in a gesture of peace and friendship, a grenade encasing a heart, primed to spread love not war, or butterflies betraying an unexpected strength. Other highlights include a futuristic take on beauty and the ways we hide it, and a quietly beautiful profile portrait from a photograph maxim took in Ghana.

Interwoven through these works is the influence of the artists Maxim admires – M C Escher for his fantastic illusions, Hieronymus Bosch for his contrasts between light and dark and heaven and hell, or H R Giger for his mesmerising fusion works. The music connection also comes through in a Warhol-style riff on a headphone-wearing skull, which for the artist represents both our similarities and our interconnectedness.


Combining music and art has been a part of Maxim’s life now for over 15 years and embarking on a major European tour with the Prodigy this month will, he says, feed into his artwork. “I pick up a lot of inspiration when I’m touring. The people you meet can change your life, and the places and objects you see can inspire you to move things on and I am always working on the next idea for my art.”

“It turns out that many Prodigy fans are also passionate about art and appreciate the crossover. It’s been a pleasant surprise to see the overlap between music and art.”

The Exhibition is FREE
Clarendon Fine Art — Convent Garden Gallery
Open Monday – Sunday 10.00am-6.00pm
117 Long Acre, London WC2E 9PA

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