British company Orbitsound is composed of a small team of dedicated musicians and audio engineers who are passionate about sound. After a long and distinguished career in the music industry, company founder Ted Fletcher created the unique airSOUND technology in 2005 and he and his team have been perfecting it ever since. 

One of the many benefits of the A70 is that the latest technology allows you to enjoy perfect audio balance and depth anywhere in your home. This is because the soundbar is crafted from engineered wood, as well as being hand finished and acoustically treated.

The curved design of the A70 is both stylish and elegant and can also be easily placed on a tabletop or mounted onto a wall. Conveniently, the A70 is also easy to setup with only one single-cable optical connection and unlike surround sound systems, comes with only one speaker; the subwoofer, which can be easily hidden behind your TV cabinet, avoiding any unwanted clutter.

Whether watching movies, TV, or listening to music, the A70 has been designed to be the perfect home audio system, crafted to maximise the overall sonic experience. Action scenes packed full of explosions and car chases are designed to sound as crisp as quieter, more intimate moments, just as loud, rock tracks sound as balanced and dynamic as softer ballads.

When watching your favourite film, the A70 producers a perfect balance between music and dialogue no matter the volume, adding to the overall experience. The wireless subwoofer further enhances the experience, adding depth without losing any of the dialogue clarity.

When listening to music, the A70 provides a nicely balanced sound, ideal for any musical style. The wireless subwoofer further adds to the audio quality, by providing extra bass and punch.

Besides the high definition quality audio, the A70 comes with a number of other features and benefits. Equipped with a simple touch to play function, it enables the user to effortlessly stream audio from popular apps such as Spotify, iPlayer, Amazon Video and YouTube. It also features remote control learning, which allows you to control the audio levels with your TV remote.

The A70 utilises Bluetooth, connecting the wireless subwoofer to the soundbar with little latency or interference. It features a front panel control system, which allows you to control settings, and conveniently lights up when active and switches off once the film or music has started.

For extra convenience, the A70 soundbar is available for next day delivery at no extra cost, and also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and two year warranty for piece of mind.  If you are after a truly rewarding sonic experience to enjoy the latest movies, TV and music in your own home, the A70 could be just the audio system for you.

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