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The Art Hotel concept transcends conventional notions of hotels by becoming a living venue for contemporary art, somewhere the guest not only stays but also makes discoveries and becomes enthused. Art is part of our very essence; it surrounds us at every corner, challenges us, makes us whole, it offers us parallel universes to immerse ourselves in.

Ibiza Gran Hotel is home to a stunning collection of art comprising more than 400 works by contemporary artists from all over the world, created especially for installation on site. The collection is made up of vibrant, colourful, and exhilarating work, featuring a wide diversity of styles, techniques, and media.


The majority of artists taking part in the project are linked to the Mediterranean and handle light, nature and life as they are reflected in the sea to help bring the Ibizan spirit into the hotel. Five elements that bring life to a unique and special place, the symbiotic outcome of blending architecture and art: earth, air, life, water and sky. Each of the five floors alludes to one of these five themes.

art hotel
Ibiza Gran Hotel

More than thirty contemporary artists have participated in the hotel’s spaces, creating a harmony between life, art, and architecture to elevate the Ibiza Gran Hotel experience and turn it into a spiritual state of mind with an extensive repertoire of vivid art in a wide range of styles that combines temporary installations with original works, transforming the pulse of the hotel and the feelings that we can enjoy during our stay. The majority of artists taking part in the project have some kind of link to the Mediterranean and were chosen in part because of the way they handle light, nature and life as they are reacted in the sea.

art hotel
Artist Katrin Kirk with her work Medusas


In that intermediate place where Ibiza Gran Hotel is found, this is the guiding thread of the entire artistic program of the Ibiza art collection. Since we arrived in Ibiza we have been between the sea and the sky. These two “places” will cradle our experience on the island and will be the scene of wellness, fun, serenity and relaxation.

WATER, SEA: It is the liquid element that dominates our lives. Seven tenths of the surface land are covered by water. The sea produces a sensation of weightlessness, of lightness. The water is changeable, it can be calm or in motion, it can be dark, light, bright, translucent, to times also opaque. The water can be noisy or silent. It tastes like salt. It’s freshness. The water is for colourless nature. All its nuances are changeable due to the different depths and the different degrees of refraction of water. It is a mirror in which the sky is reflected.

EARTH: the sea surrounds the Earth, the island. There is a confluence between the land and the sea. It is the part of Planet that does not occupy the sea. The earth is the place where we inhabit, where we exist. It is place of life and development, growth. The firm ground gives us stability. The earth allows us to enjoy the view. The landscape is omnipresent and infinitely variable. It is a vehicle that allows reflect and look at who we are, how we build our identity and how we exist through our environment.

art hotel

LIFE: it encompasses our entire existence.

AIR: atmosphere. It can be warm, soft, cool… it is the place where emotions and feelings gravitate. A place of fluidity of thought …

SKY: Unlimited space, a diaphanous sphere that offers us the light of day and the darkness of night. The line that is drawn between the sky and the sea, the horizon. Heaven is the place where dreams travel, passions, desires… It is a space for escape, reflection, ecstasy.

art hotel
BAHK SEONGHI (Korea): Existence-Stairs

Among the participating artists are FABIAN SCHALEKAMP (Majorca,1964), whose sculptures are carved in wild olive wood, “ullastre”; TATIANA SARASA (Barcelona, Spain, 1966), using mixed techniques on pure cotton fibre paper from India and natural inks based on Mediterranean dyeing plants; MARIA GIl ULLDEMOLINS (Tarragona, Catalonia,1986), whose work evokes a feeling of light using mixed techniques on paper and glass; TONI ESTEVA (Son Servera, Mallorca), whose site-specific installation is composed of fifty strings made by hand with natural fibre and seven stones made of polystyrene with stucco finish; and KATRIN KIRK (Copenhagen, 1968), whose 29 galvanised steel wire mesh figures, each 20-50cm in diameter, convey a message, raising awareness about the need to preserve the jellyfish species.


Located right on the seafront, facing the island’s most luxurious marinas, Ibiza Gran Hotel 5* Gran Lux is the finest manifestation of Mediterranean luxury by virtue of its sophisticated suites with incomparable views, its revitalising spa, unique dining destinations, pools and glamourous Casino. Moments from the Island’s Marina, the independently owned, state-of-the-art, Ibiza Gran Hotel is both a gateway to the White Island and a destination in its own right.

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