Hommés Studio Takes Us to the Sun

HOMMÉS Studio, alongside TAPIS Studio, under the umbrella of HOUSE OF HOMMÉS, presents NEOCOSMOS – Take Me To The Sun, a cosmic exhibition that will take place in Milan Design Week, 18th-23rd April 2023. Presented in two iconic sites, it debuts at Salone del Mobile Milano at Hall 18 Stand E01, and will return to Palazzo delle Meraviglie in Museo Bagatti Valsecchi (MonteNapoleone district).

After the success of the previous edition, HOMMÉS promises to shake up the fashion capital by taking the indoor and the outdoor concept to a futuristic level in a metaverse experience. NEOCOSMOS is a tribute to the sun, celebrating the centre of the solar system in new indoor and outdoor design concepts.


The combination of an on-site and virtual experience is a portal for visitors to contemplate the divine energy that connects all living things on Earth. Through Artificial Intelligence tools, the spectators will be transported to dreamlike and faraway settings, where every element of the experience is designed to enhance the beauty of nature and extend the senses.

Reality or Illusion? Let yourself be carried by the split second where dreamlike scenarios create a relationship between memory, place, and passion.

Indoor + Outdoor

During Milan Design Week, those visiting the exhibition at Salone del Mobile Milano or in the Palazzo Meraviglie in Museo Bagatti Valsecchi will have the opportunity to interact on-site with two different experiences: a cosmic indoor space and futuristic outdoor experience marked by the selection of the highest level of furniture from the Studio’s collection.

NEOCOSMOS will present the guests with refined materials, futuristic silhouettes, vibrant colors, and a design based on comfort and desire materialized right before the eyes. Whether you are lounging surrounded by a sparkling pool or enjoying a breeze on a terrace with panoramic views, the feeling of having your skin touched by the sun is a transformative experience.


While the NEOCOSMOS interiors were designed for visual delight and as a portal to the visitors’ dreams and fantasies, falling in love at first sight with pieces that explore the best of both worlds, elevating the concept of luxury indoor and outdoor modern furniture, featuring irreverent and bold designs. An unconventional mix of powerful stones, vintage patterns, and curated furniture creates living areas that embrace life’s simple pleasures, revealing the natural world’s beauty.


Under the umbrella of HOUSE OF HOMMES at Salone del Mobile, HOMMÉS Studio alongside Tapis Studio, ACH Collection, and Gallery Design Store – the most recent brand of the design group – reveals a synaesthetic/multi-sensorial experience.

The unique design brands present tailored interior design concepts with incredible home decor and designer furniture, wallpapers with hypnotic patterns, astounding ceramics, cushions with elegant fabrics, emotional scent candles and home diffusers, to finally, rugs with exciting designs.

The Studio’s plethora of artistic manifestations defies design professionals and art enthusiasts to discover home as a tool, a canvas, and a concept—a tool to create the very own world we want to live in.


Be enchanted with products that were designed especially for the event, side by side with some of HOMMÉS Studio’s great icons. Among them the classic Tropez daybed – perfect for recharging energies with style –; the Lunarys Center Table – made in travertine stone and ideal for indoor or outdoor projects – and the Elektra, a multifunctional parasol in travertine marble and nero marquina (that can also be transformed into a side table).

The indoor area is brightened by the charming and desirable new red Lisola Armchair, alongside the unique design of the Luminous Wood Floor and all the authenticity and boldness of the Ray Rug.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a game changer in many industries, and in interior design is no exception. With an eye on the future, HOMMÉS Studio goes beyond the obvious and offers a multi-sensory experience combining the best of AI tools with metaverse that will give visitors a glimpse of the future of Interior Design and Outdoor Lifestyle.

More than a design concept, NEOCOSMOS is a different approach to traditional design. A vision for the future of human living spaces, blurring the boundaries between the interior and exterior, reality and imagination, comfort and desire. It is the perfect framework for adding fantasy to our lives, transforming any home into a private universe. The future is now.

Take a seat, relax, and enjoy. TAKE ME TO THE SUN.


House of Hommés

HOUSE OF HOMMÉS is the home of unique and bold design brands that share the same ultra-modern lexicon. Starting as HOMMÉS Studio, the brand’s unceasing creative evolution, and mutation branched out TAPIS Studio, ACH Collection & ACH4Pets, and Gallery Design Store. Tailored to comprehensive lifestyles, HOUSE OF HOMMÉS creates modern furniture, bold decor objects, luxe pet accessories, stylish rugs that blend artisan knowledge and industrial innovation, and sophisticated wallpapers and fabrics featuring rich patterns and refined textures, paying particular attention to how they fit in the same space.

With its very first international exhibition in 2022, at Palazzo delle Meraviglie at Fuorisalone, this year 2023, HOUSE OF HOMMÉS aims to outline the singularity of each brand. NEOCOSMOS is a theatrical affirmation of HOMMÉS Studio’s chameleonic genetic code and how a plethora of objects with strong character can harmoniously inhabit under the same roof.

HOUSE OF HOMMES invites visitors to use their senses – sight, touch, hearing, and smell – to explore materials, finishes, and samples of the meticulously crafted designs and learn the distinctiveness of each provocative and improbable brand through an immersive showroom experience.

Hommés Studio

HOMMÉS Studio is born from a skilled merge of visionary identities with distinctive design, art, fashion, and pop culture perspectives.

The studio conveys its inspiration into design pieces that are refreshing and relevant, paying particular attention to how they can fit contemporary spaces with bold and unique identities.

HOMMÉS Studio aims to set trends instead of following them. The design studio is in unceasing creative evolution and mutation, branching out new brands and forms of expression. Under its umbrella, ACH Collection, ACH4Pets & TAPIS Studio add up to the interior design industry with cheerful home accessories, premium pet accessories, and modern rugs that complement every room with colorful and sculptural entities.

The designs become artistic bodies that blend artisan knowledge and industrial innovation, crafted under ethical and sustainable practices.

Believing that a house must express the owner’s soul, HOMMÉS Studio products are tailored to comprehensive lifestyles.

TAPIS Studio

TAPIS Studio is born from the desire to create a vanguardist, multi-personality tapestry brand. Curious about the world, creativity, art, and nature, TAPIS Studio rugs meet the needs of every room, every style, and everyone.

Committed to working for a good today and a better tomorrow, TAPIS Studio rugs are made under sustainable and ethical practices in a blend of artisan techniques and modern technologies. The result is an eye-catching rug that pleases all senses, lasts a lifetime, and suits a thoughtful lifestyle.

A rug made for you. From our hands to your feet.


ACH Collection

ACH Collection is a luxury signature brand by HOMMÉS Studio. Collections of spontaneous and extraordinary objects, from decor to homeware and scented fragrances, continually seek new design experiences with the philosophy of turning your home lifestyle into your unique living experience.

The decorative objects combine a blend of distinct cultures, artistic influences, and trendy shapes that merge original handcrafted decor with attention to the most delicate details, capable of awakening emotions, collecting memories, and telling a narrative.

Home reflects what we love, who we are, and this is our most important story.


ACH4Pets elevates our home and our furry friends’ daily life and comfort. A signature of ACH, 4pets offers luscious pet beds, bowls, rugs, and more, to reflect his owner’s lifestyle and décor taste, blending seemingly with the home furniture and decoration.

The Pet Collections suits diverse and eclectic styles and complements the home decor with your four-legged friend’s well-being in mind.

 A brand motto that unifies a pet as a family member. A design signature that purpose is to provide a stylish pet accessory and to merge a luxury lifestyle with our furry friends’ comfort.


Gallery Design is a luxury brand that offers a wide range of sophisticated wallpapers and elegant fabrics featuring rich patterns and refined textures, evoking emotions and bringing a warm touch to any interior.

Focused on reinventing the house of tomorrow by displaying a curated collection of wallpapers alongside carefully selected fabrics with exceptional quality and unique details. Gallery Design is a sensory experience in which you will fall in love.

Functional and aesthetically designed, our wallpapers and fabrics’ textures add an extra dimension to the room decoration, providing a warm and inviting feeling.

Gallery Design is a brand that stands out from the crowd and allows interior designers the opportunity to create stunning and unexpected spaces.


Micael Carvalho

Micael Carvalho is the creative director of HOMMÉS Studio and a multidisciplinary artist who finds interior design the peak manifestation of his passion for art history and visual arts, from photography and painting to digital design.

Born to a mother whose family is tied to handmade textiles and artisanal fashion and to a father who is a photography and nature lover, Micael learned to explore the beauty within the simplest things from a very young age. His attraction to everything aesthetic and authentic was nurtured during his childhood. To him, home is the primary source of inspiration, ‘home is more than a space where you live. It should be your creative harbor with the power to transform, inspire, and change your soul.’

Whenever he leaves his creative nest, Micael Carvalho carries a notebook. A mere landscape can lead him to a creative spree, and creating is the catharsis for his aesthetic soul and uninterrupted creative mindset. Micael sees design as a magic tool to bring his ideas to life and share his imaginative world with the people around him, and he feels that creating is what he is meant to do – at least, it is what makes him happy and feel alive.



Palazzo delle Meraviglie is an event curated by Katrin Herden that gathers six avant-garde companies from around the world at Museo Bagatti Valsecchi in Montenapoleone District during Milan Design Week.

Known for its permanent collections of Italian renaissance art, the Museum Bagatti Valsecchi is a unique and stimulating historic house museum in downtown Milan that has hosted Palazzo delle Meraviglie since its first edition in 2019. Counting with a forced hiatus in 2020, the event created by Katrin Herden and organized by the Milan-based interior designer alongside her Studio MHZ co-founder architect Alessandro Zarinelli invites six leading brands to occupy the chambers of Museo Bagatti Valsecchi and flaunt their vision for the design industry.

Palazzo delle Meraviglie aims to explore the future of interior design with clashing classic and contemporary art, creating an intense artistic symbiosis.

Indoor: Salone del Mobile Hall 18 Stand E01
Outdoor: Palazzo delle Meraviglie  Museo Bagatti Valsecchi |
MonteNapoleone District |Via Gesù, 5, 20121

When: 18-23 April 2023


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