The Comprehensive Guide To Investing in Whisky Bottles

As interest rises regarding the collection and investment of rare whiskey bottles, and signs of an unsustainable ‘bubble’ develop around some of the most popular releases, a whisky broker has launched what’s claimed to be the first-ever comprehensive guide to help inform up-and-coming investors.

The Whiskey Bottle Investment Guide, an 80-page guidebook full of tips and tricks, has been created by prominent UK whiskey broker Mark Littler to “cut through the hyperbole and bust some of the whisky investment myths” that have developed around the rare whisky bottle market in the last few years – a market which has witnessed bottles being sold for over £1 million, and recent bottles rising in value by nearly 5,000% in only six years.

The guide is the first of its kind and introduces new investors to the fundamentals of the whisky market, its history, the basics of Indexes, where to get the data for market analysis and how the concepts of whisky have changed.

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It also delves deep into the crucial differences between vintage and modern bottles, with Mark Littler highlighting how some rare modern bottles have seen an unsustainable ‘stratospheric change in value’. As part of research for a forthcoming Collectors And Investment Report that focuses on specific whisky bottles, set to be released next week, Littler reveals how one relatively recent bottle of The Macallan has risen in value by almost 5,000% in just six years, suggesting a bubble is developing around that sought-after release.

Whisky expert Blair Bowman, who has written about the risks of investing in whisky, has embraced the guide as an ideal reference point for whoever is considering buying bottles, describing it an “incredibly comprehensive guide on investing in whisky bottles.”

He went on to say the guide is: “ideal for someone looking to start building a collection or for someone who already has a large collection. Mark’s guide breaks down the key factors to consider when buying bottles and is an excellent reference for anyone looking to learn more about building a whisky collection.”

What’s inside the guide?

The guide has two main sections, one that provides an introduction to the whisky market and the other which provides a whisky investment toolkit. The first section aims to provide a thorough view of the key details of the whisky market, establishing the necessary context needed for those looking to set foot in the whisky bottle investment market – while the second section looks to provide you with the skills to know what to collect when searching for whisky bottles to invest, ensuring you can effectively assess your options. The section also offers resources on places to buy bottles, how to store whisky and how to value the collection you have assembled.

Key Insights from the Whisky Bottle Investment Guide

  • Understanding the risk in investing in modern bottles and spotting ‘bubbles’ around certain sought-after bottles
  • Knowing how to differentiate between different whisky indexes and find relevant data
  • Learning how to beat the bots and bottle-flippers to avoid overpaying for bottles

Littler, who specialises in the valuation, sale and purchasing of rare whisky bottles and also casks, entered the headlines in 2020 when he helped 28-year-old Matthew Robson secure a deposit for a house following the sale of a collection of The Macallan for £44,000.

Discussing the launch of the Whisky Bottle Investment Guide and his forthcoming Collectors And Investment Reports, he said: “While many people prefer of course to drink their whisky, there’s no doubt that the industry is making more products designed specifically to appeal to the collector and investor. This has led to bottles of rare whisky becoming one of the most popular and accessible luxury investments in recent years.


“During our research, we’ve seen stratospheric change in value around some modern releases that is unsustainable, with signs of a bubble developing around a bottle of The Macallan that has risen 5000% in value in just six years.

“The problem is that there has been very little in-depth and practical education around this topic despite how prevalent it is. At the same time, there has been a lot of hype around investing in rare whisky bottles and this, together with the lack of education, puts collectors and investors at risk of making misguided investments.

“It’s our belief that helping collectors and investors to understand every aspect of the industry and market is the best way that we can help them to make a decision. And so this guide was born. The Whisky Bottle Investment Guide provides investors, for the first time, with all of the essential must-know information they need to help them make a savvy investment in rare whisky bottles.

“Our forthcoming Collectors And Investment Reports will look at specific and prized rare bottles and what the historic returns have been for each whisky and the likelihood that the growth seen previously will continue.”

The Whisky Bottle Investment Guide is available to download for free here.

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