TramArt: San Marzano Wines Tells the Love Story of Art and Wine

TramArt is a San Marzano Wines project that promotes the spontaneous union that exists between art and wine.

The Concept

It aims to be a container for art and beauty, with the intention of pursuing the idea that art is a free association of forms and meanings, creativity and aesthetic taste. The medium can be canvas or paper, ceramic or wood, concrete or glass. The result is an image, a sound or a melody capable of expressing dimensions and perceptions without boundaries or spaces.

And if art, in this case, is painting, wine is the painter’s canvas.

TramArt Chapter 1: Paul Kremer

The first chapter of TramArt was unveiled in spring 2021, a Limited Edition bottle of Tramari Rosé di Primitivo whose label was designed by the US painter Paul Kremer.

Paul Kremer (Chicago, 1971) is a minimalist painter recognised worldwide; his geometric, minimal and conceptual style ties in with San Marzano’s idea of beauty, elegance, and desire to share it with the world.

The collaboration with gallery owner Angelo Milano (Studio Cromie Gallery, Grottaglie – TA, Italy) started the dialogue between San Marzano and the US painter, which began in 2019: the wine Tramari Rosé di Primitivo was the focus of the meeting and triggered the creative process of the American artist.

The result was the creation of a canvas inspired by Tramari and its transposition onto the label of the San Marzano’s Rosé.

From canvas to label in a short step. As if there were no end in sight, the strip of earth runs around the circumference of the bottle and gives movement, recalling the sinuosity of the liquid, whilst the fields of colour, though sharp, in their soft tones are almost a caress for the eye, indulging Tramari’s light and delicate pink.

The reference, as always with Tramari, is to the sea, or better, to the seas that surrounds the Italian region of Puglia – the narrow peninsula that makes the heel of Italian boot, between the seas (in Italian “tra i mari”) – where the winery is located.

TramArt Chapter 2: Matt Kleberg

The second chapter of TramArt will be revealed in spring 2022; the form of art is still painting, the artist is Matt Kleberg, also an American painter, whose work balances between colourful abstraction and architectural elements. We will see how his style will adorn and interpret the space of Tramari’s versatile label.

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