Time to Consider Private Air Charter

Private air charter offers many luxuries, but perhaps the most valuable is time. The experts from industry leaders Chapman Freeborn explain why

We all have luxuries we dream of, big and small. From opulent hotels, sumptuous diamonds, and caviar atop a pearl spoon, to our favourite song playing at just the right moment, freshly laundered bedsheets, and perfectly crunchy roast potatoes.

But there is one ever-evasive luxury that perhaps trumps them all: time.

Travel, by its very nature, is time-consuming. However, there are ways to make it not just work for you, but to cater to your every whim and wish whilst saving you precious time in the process.

It is a common misconception that the main attractions of private jet are the luxurious cabin, plush upholstery, first-class food, full-size beds and the silver service. But in fact, all these things are merely a fringe benefit of the real luxury: saving time.

You’d be hard-pressed to disprove that private jet is the most flexible way to travel, and as you arrive at your local airport at a time convenient for you, breeze through a private lounge and security, bypass the queues, and step straight onto an aircraft that will fly on a bespoke schedule of your own design, you’d probably not want to disprove it either.

Your holiday relaxation doesn’t begin when you arrive at your hotel; it begins the moment you choose to fly private. You are not beholden to a schedule that may or may not work for you but must be adhered to regardless – instead, you call the shots.

It may be tempting to purchase your own jet, but there are factors that should be explored prior to making this decision. For all the conveniences that owning your own jet has, it also comes with a list of responsibilities and expenditures that may just take the shine off.

Choosing a Jet

When you own a private jet, you must first choose the right aircraft for you. This will likely be one of, if not the most expensive decision you’ll ever make…are you confident you’ll get it right? However, when you charter a private jet, your broker will use their expert knowledge to source the jet that perfectly fits your requirements for each individual journey, including number of passengers, luggage, journey distance, and everything in between.

Waiting for Take-off

When purchasing a jet, especially if you want to own one brand new, you may find yourself waiting a year or longer for it to be built and delivered. Chartering means you can travel almost immediately, even on the same day you make your enquiry.

Aircraft Maintenance

Private jet owners are obligated to spend thousands per year on preventative maintenance, which is not just expensive but also means extended periods of time when your plane is grounded. Chartering a jet takes these responsibilities out of your hands and means you’ll never be in the frustrating position of wanting to travel but not having access to your aircraft.

On-board Experience

Owning your own jet puts the on-board experience entirely in your hands, including staffing, catering and in-flight entertainment. Chartering means that all you need to do is tell your broker your heart’s desire, and they’ll arrange it. Food from your favourite restaurant, fresh flowers, dog treats personalised with your pets’ names, a specific toiletry brand…anything is possible, and a charter broker will take care of it all for you.


Owning a private jet is an enormous investment – and a depreciating asset – with most costing between £4 million and £20 million, and some even higher. Purchasing a used jet may save money initially, but this greatly increases the likelihood of extensive and frequent maintenance, and it is not uncommon for individual aircraft repairs to cost upwards of £1 million. Ultimately, there are unavoidable costs associated with new and used aircraft, such as renting hangar space, refuelling, insurance and hiring your pilots.

Chartering, however, is a much more economical option, whereby you simply pay for each journey you are taking, and all the associated costs are included in the price. In some cases, it is in fact more affordable to charter a jet for your group than it is for you to all upgrade to first or business class on a scheduled passenger service.

The cliché says that life is a journey, not a destination, and this is never truer than when you travel by private jet. Every second counts when you fly private, and thanks to air charterers, their networks of global contacts and their access to aircraft across the globe, it’s never been easier or more convenient to do so.

Chapman Freeborn: leading the private air charter industry for 50 years.



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