The Wellbeing Experience on Velaa Private Island

A visit to Velaa Private Island in the Maldives is like escaping to another world. Surrounded by pristine turquoise waters, the private island hideaway sits tucked away in Noonu Atoll, 116 miles north of the capital city of Male.

Now there is a new paradise to discover within this paradise at the heart of Velaa Private Island.

Velaa Wellbeing Village offers you the experience of a world of expertise and excellence, pleasure and transformation, where cutting-edge technology meets the ancestral art of touch. Offering you the ultimate treatment experience, its programmes are uniquely designed for your personal needs, creating the Balance of Life between body treatments, mindfulness, fitness, and nutrition.

velaa private island

Surrounded by the lush jungle foliage in the middle of the island, Velaa Wellbeing Village features Eveylaa Wellbeing, and a new Yoga Pavilion and Pilates Studio, as well as Faiy Restaurant offering a comprehensive wellness inspired menu.

Offering you the ultimate treatment experience, its programmes are uniquely designed for your personal needs creating the Balance of Life between Body treatments including holistic ayurveda treatment and blood testing, Mindfulness including yoga and meditation, and Fitness and Nutrition including healthy juices and teas and personal sessions with nutritionists.

velaa private island

FITNESS options include body composition analysis, personal training, spinning and personal sessions, and group classes include pilates and HIIT.

Eveylaa Wellbeing

The Wellbeing Village holds the brand new Eveylaa Wellbeing, the word Eveylaa meaning “Ancient” in the local language, and referring to the traditional healing of Ayurveda as well as Eastern medicine and holistic treatments which are available at the facility.

The facility will include two couples’ treatment rooms with one of them hosting Ayurveda beds, Shirodhara stands and traditional steam boxes. The second part of Eveylaa Wellbeing will be geared toward Osteopathy treatments, with a European style steam room, modern treatment beds and a floating pod. Eveylaa Wellbeing also has a dedicated Ayurvedic doctor as well as a international Osteopaths representing the full spectrum of ancient holistic healing.

EVEYLAA WELLBEING TREATMENTS cover medical, osteopathic and Ayurvedic components, from blood analysis and IV therapy to osteopathy, food intolerance profiling and blood pressure treatment. OSTEO TREATMENTS use physical manipulation, stretching and massage with the aim of increasing the mobility of joints, relieving muscle tension, reducing pain, enhancing the blood supply to tissues and helping the body to heal.

velaa private island


The traditional healing system of medicine is based on the idea of balancing the bodily systems using diet, herbal treatment, and yogic breathing techniques, and includes Abhyanga (four hands), Kati Vasti, Thakradhara and many other techniques. The brand-new Yoga Pavilion and Pilates Studio has a dedicated Pilates instructor available throughout the year as well as various visiting wellness practitioners which completes this world class holistic wellbeing experience.

PILATES and YOGA CLASSES include both private and group sessions.

velaa private island


The culinary aspect of the Velaa Wellbeing Village is the wellness restaurant named Faiy. Sitting as a green oasis in the tropical garden of the island, Faiy serves healthy, light and colourful dishes to guests overlooking the greens of Velaa Golf Academy by Olazabal. Faiy means “Leaf” in the local language, referring to both the lush setting of the restaurant and the natural healthy menu.

The highest quality ingredients take this wellness inspired menu to the next level. Formulated by a holistic and healthy approach to living, Faiy offers real, clean, unprocessed and whole foods that are as close to their natural state as possible. The wellness cuisine complements the healing treatments of Eveylaa Wellbeing with a nutritionist overseeing the harmony between both facilities.

velaa private island

The Faiy Restaurant menu is divided into two styles of wellness cuisine, FRESH and SPA. FRESH represents plant based and raw food cuisine with interesting Asian flavours, suitable for all palates. SPA is inspired by the idea of pattern diets filled with flavour but focused on a low carbohydrate, vegan, gluten-free and Mediterranean style diet.

To find out more and to book a visit to Velaa Private Island, contact:
T: +960 6565 000

P.O. BOX 2071,
Noonu Atoll
Republic of Maldives

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