The Swiss Philosophy of Health

Switzerland is renowned for its healthy climate – but for NEOVIVA, a Boutique Rehab Clinic overlooking Lake Lucerne, the surroundings are just part of the treatment philosophy

Located in an area often referred to as “The Riviera of Central Switzerland”, the exclusive Boutique Rehab Clinic NEOVIVA ( nestles on the southern slopes of a mountain overlooking the world-famous Lake Lucerne. In recent years, the area has established itself as one of Europe’s favourite destinations for medical treatments and wellness, with the beautiful location and setting playing an invaluable role in the treatment process.

NEOVIVA’s serene environment, from its captivating gardens to residential spaces and therapeutic areas, is meticulously designed to foster authentic comfort and effective healing. The facility benefits from being part of a larger, medically-equipped community, with consulting physicians and partner hospitals nearby. Its unique location within a private section of a public hotel has been strategically selected to mirror real-life scenarios, offering clients a chance to face and manage everyday triggers within a supportive setting.


Under the guidance of founder and chairman Oliver Neubert, NEOVIVA places a strong emphasis on addressing the mental health needs of its clients, recognising that many who seek help are dealing with more than substance-related issues. At NEOVIVA, the journey to recovery involves a holistic approach that considers the medical, psychological, and social aspects of an individual’s life, going beyond traditional treatment methods.

Oliver Neubert


“We meticulously take into account personal factors such as cultural backgrounds”, says Oliver Neubert. “By discerning the desires and wishes of our clients and identifying areas of dysfunction, our thoughtfully balanced treatment programme is designed to bolster the client’s recovery process across biological, psychological, and social dimensions.”

“An additional facet our treatment addresses the ‘spiritual’ or ‘philosophical’ dimensions of the client’s life, aiding them in navigating profound questions of meaning and purpose. NEOVIVA’s approach is truly comprehensive, embracing all aspects of the individual.” Moreover, the clinic recognises the impact of mental health on family dynamics, offering support to clients’ families and close ones as part of the treatment process.

This involves acknowledging the therapeutic value of pets and, more importantly, underscoring the enduring commitment beyond the on-site stay, where ongoing care is deemed crucial for sustainable outcomes. NEOVIVA’s continuing care group, led by a team member, is available to former clients free of charge for as long as they wish.

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