The Magical Fabrics of Anna Paola Cibin

Anna Paola Cibin, born in Venice in 1974, embarked on her artistic journey after studying art, specialising in weaving. Her quest for creativity led her to London, where she honed her skills in fabric design. Upon her return to Venice, she immersed herself in collaboration with the master glassblowers of Murano, delving into the intricacies of glass production and exploring its boundless possibilities.

Several of Cibin’s textile designs found their place in the esteemed collection of Lorenzo Rubelli s.p.a., while others earned recognition at the Palazzo Mocenigo Textile Museum in Venice, securing a spot in the museum’s permanent collection. Since 1997, her passion has centered on the exploration of printing on velvet—a technique that has come to define her artistic identity.


In her distinctive approach, Cibin has reinterpreted the ancient art of dyeing and painting Venetian tapestries, infusing each piece of white silk velvet with hand-dyed pigments and precious ancient powders. The result is a magical transformation where the surface of the silk velvet becomes tactile and dynamic, adorned with vibrant colors, gold and silver leaf embellishments, as well as glass and Murrine from the Murano island.

The interplay of natural or artificial light on the silk velvet creates a mesmerizing effect, causing the colors and glass details to shift and evolve depending on the viewer’s perspective. Cibin’s creations, illuminated by light, reveal hidden nuances and surprises, captivating the observer with each glance


Through her artistry, Cibin showcases the rich tradition of Venetian fabric dyeing and craftsmanship. By seamlessly integrating Murano glass elements and sophisticated manufacturing techniques, she blurs the lines between art and master craftsmanship. Her passion for Venetian fabric, nurtured during her formative years of study in Venice and London, finds expression in her choice of material, driven by its almost mystical properties.

Collaboration with the master glassmakers of Murano has been pivotal in Cibin’s artistic exploration, enriching her works with elements such as silver and gold leaf and intricate glass decorations. This partnership expanded her creative horizons, elevating her fabric installations to immersive experiences that transcend the two-dimensional realm, bringing to life the vibrant aquatic world of her tapestries in stunning three-dimensional form, suspended in the air.


Anna Paola’s works have been exhibited in Venice, Milan, Florence, Vienna, Paris, London, Singapore, New York, and Eindhoven. In 2009, she created twelve works for Assicurazioni Generali as prizes for the Venice Historical Regatta. In 2010, she exhibited a series of tapestries and works in glass for her personal show, Bestiary of Marco Polo – the path of eroticism. Her book, VelvetLagoonVelvet, became part of the permanent library of the Furniture, Textiles and Fashion Department at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London. She can name among her collectors Mr. Pierre Rosenberg, from The Louvre Museum in Paris.

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