The Last Drop Experience at the One Of One Auction

The Last Drop Distillers will be auctioning a rare experience as a Founder Donor in The Distillers’ One of One Auction, taking place on Thursday 5th October 2023. In partnership with Sotheby’s, the Distillers One of One brings together an unparalleled collection of one-off, never-to-be-repeated Scotch whiskies from distillers and bottlers  across the length and breadth of Scotland. The Last Drop has devised an exceptional offering which not only celebrates the art of Scotch Whisky but also supports the cause of the Distillers’ Charity, specifically the Youth Action Fund, dedicated to transforming the lives of young people across Scotland.

The winner of the lot will join Colin Scott, Master Blender for The Last Drop, for a unique and personal blending experience at the original seat of the Kings of Scotland, Scone Palace, to create their own unique Aged, Blended Scotch Whisky, with a minimum age of 30 years. This bespoke blend will be elegantly bottled into a set of twelve custom-engraved Last Drop bottles.


Colin Scott’s illustrious career includes serving as Chivas Brothers’ fifth Master Blender, where he introduced iconic blends such as Chivas Regal 18 Year Old, Chivas Mizunara and Chivas Extra. He also crafted the legendary Chivas Regal 25 Year Old. Notably, Colin’s expertise shines through in The Last Drop Distillers’ inaugural Signature Blend, a 50-year-old Scotch Whisky.

Once the blend is perfected, the winning bidder will collaborate with The Last Drop’s designer, James Hay Brown, to create a bespoke design for the engraved bottles (the label design will also be framed as a keepsake), ensuring that this whisky is truly one-of-a-kind. The glass itself will be meticulously etched by skilled artisans appointed by The Last Drop Distillers.

To further enhance this extraordinary experience, the winner will enjoy a tasting dinner with Colin Scott and The Last Drop team at Scone Palace, the historic seat of Scottish kings and the original home of the Stone of Destiny and savour other treasures from The Last Drop’s portfolio. This will be followed by an overnight stay at the Palace. This majestic location, steeped in heritage, beauty, and refinement, serves as the perfect backdrop for the discovery and creation of the most remarkable liquid.

The Last Drop

The Last Drop Distillers was founded by two icons of the spirits industry, Tom Jago and James Espey with over 80 years of experience between them. Their aim was to curate the world’s most remarkable spirits by finding treasures across aged spirit categories and sharing them with those who seek the genuinely extraordinary. This passion for exploration and discovery continued under the careful direction of Tom and James’ daughters: Rebecca Jago and Beanie Geraedts-Espey, who joined The Last Drop in 2014 to help bring their fathers’ vision to a wider audience. In 2016 The Last Drop was acquired by the Sazerac Company, one of America’s oldest private, family-owned, distillers. Rebecca continues to lead The Last Drop as Managing Director.

Since the company was founded in 2008, The Last Drop Distillers has released just 32 limited bottlings across Scotch Whisky, Cognac, Bourbon and Rum, Japanese Whisky and Irish Whiskey, comprising fewer than 11,000 bottles to date. Seeking nothing less than the remarkable in the spirits they curate, the company’s unwavering commitment is to the quality of the liquid and the pleasure of sharing the treasures they uncover.

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