The Glenfiddich Glass Portraits That Are Breaking Boundaries

Global market leader, Whisky Auctioneer, is welcoming the connection between artistry and whisky with a one-of-a-kind auction of Simon Berger’s rare glass art pieces. These are exclusively paired with a Glenfiddich Grande Couronne – a 26-year-old cognac-finished whisky, the most recent inclusion to the distillery’s Grand Series.

The upcoming auction occurs from 24th September to 4th October and sees five individually handcrafted glass whisky boxes skilfully crafted by renowned Swiss master glass maker Simon Berger. This auction gives both whisky and art collectors a chance to get their hands on Simon’s distinctive art which involves intricately hammering, lacerating, and cracking glass to create a portrait within.

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The expert and delicate craftsmanship of these glass boxes that encase the whisky, explores depth, perception and reflections, appearing in a series of incredible unique portraits masterfully carved into the glass. With a technique that distinguishes him from other artists, Simon’s portraits transform the normal into something extraordinary, exhibiting his pioneering spirit, and making his artwork highly sought after, rare, and collectable.

Simon rose to prominence when his 6ft-by-6ft 350lbs glass portrait of Kamala Harris, Vice President of the USA, was displayed outside the Lincoln Memorial, on the national mall in Washington DC. This sparked widespread excitement, catapulting him into the international art scene.

Simon Berger

Glenfiddich’s collaboration with Simon Berger is apt, as the distillery has always had an affinity with art and design, evident through their triangular bottle shapes which were a creation by the Modernist artist Hans Schleger – the first of its kind across the spirits industry.

Grande Couronne is the holy grail of Glenfiddich’s Grand Series, whiskies which celebrate the amalgamation of two worlds coming together. This unique collaboration delves into the colliding forces of art and whisky together with glass portrait pioneer Simon Berger.

“I took my inspiration from the history of Glenfiddich and aligned it with their current values,” he said. “They always approach things in their very own way, which held huge appeal and resonated with me. I have developed my own art form, my own language to express myself to the world. My voice are portraits, hammered into glass.”

Head of Content at Whisky Auctioneer, Joe Wilson, said: “Artistry” and “craft” are words ubiquitous in discussion surrounding whisky, but artworks that transcend the liquid itself are rarer, and always incredibly special to work with. We are delighted therefore to have partnered with Glenfiddich to bring to auction this collaboration with Swiss contemporary artist, Simon Berger.

Simon is a truly talented artist, each portrait is a rare piece of artwork, adding an additional element of rarity to this bottle of whisky for collectors. We’re fortunate to be able to offer unique purchases like this at Whisky Auctioneer.”

To register for the auction, click here.

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