The Art Shippers Who Make Art

Fine art logistics professionals are known for managing projects moving artworks safely from studios and galleries to exhibitions and collectors’ walls. However, here we shine a spotlight on some of the professionals at Gander & White Shipping, across its global locations in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe, shippers who combine logistical expertise with art creation

Joanna Grasso – Los Angeles

‘I am inspired by mythology, archetypes, and alchemical iconography, as well as traditions, rites, and rituals from around the world,’ says artist Joanna Grasso, who is also a Project Manager at Gander & White Los Angeles. For her latest collection of works, offcuts of wood from Gander & White’s crate shop were used to fuel the pit firing of clay tiles, where Grasso explains that ‘the firing leaves remnants of the elements inherent in the wood on the clay surface as a type of archive’. These evocative ceramic works were individually crated and sent as year-end gifts to Gander & White’s LA clients.

Joanna Grasso, Untitled, 2023, wood-fired ceramic

Lauren Prince – San Francisco

Linocut print and embroidery form a large part of the oeuvre of Lauren Prince, Fine Art Project Manager of Gander & White San Francisco. Her artistic process sees her experimenting with materials, marks, shapes, colours and mediums, which most recently has led to the creation of her Minerals series in needlework. “I am enjoying the meditative process that embroidery naturally provides”, she says about her new works, many of which she creates during her lunch breaks at the San Francisco office, in between managing complex logistical moves for the city’s galleries.

Lauren Prince, Mineral #2, 2024, embroidery

Erik Frobom – New York

The work of Erik Frobom is inspired by the visuals of game design and science fiction. A New York-based Packing Technician with Gander & White, his oeuvre often considers fictional modes of transport, such as the ‘sailpunk’-inspired Frigate (2023), pictured. He utilises Photoshop and Procreate to develop his pieces which he then publishes online.

Erik Frobom, Frigate, 2023, digital art

Christophe Cazes / CTOF – Paris

Over in Paris, France, Christophe Cazes is a Warehouse Technician with Gander & White who also creates portrait photography. An exhibitor of CTOF’s monochromatic work has described him as ‘revealing with modesty and liveliness the furtive emotion of an individual, of a moment. The photos take shape in the very flesh of life’

CTOF, Sharlene Does, 2023, photography

Paweł Przewłocki – Florida

‘I use diverse media to create paintings that incorporate traditional techniques, appropriation, pop-culture and text’, says Gander & White Miami-based Paweł Przewłocki about his work. ‘My paintings reference different moments of art history and contemporary culture by mixing the languages of graffiti, cartoons and humour, self-portraiture, still-life and minimalism’.

Paweł Przewłocki, Bambi & Davis, 2014, oil and acrylic on panel

Jim Grundy – London

Before becoming a full-time artist, Jim Grundy (@jimgrundyartist) was Gander & White’s Director of Art Operations and responsible for the specification of the company’s state-of-the-art fine art facilities in London. He describes his geometrically inspired abstract paintings (see top of page) as ‘exploring the relationship between colour and pattern’.

The convergence of creativity and logistics is increasingly apparent, as art logistics professionals merge their passion for artistry with the imperative task of facilitating its movement across the global art landscape. As Alexander Bradford, Gander & White’s Global Business Development & Sustainability Manager, comments on the artists within the team, ‘it reveals the genuine interest and passion that our staff have in the art they are handling’. This fusion of logistical expertise with artistic inspiration finds an embodiment within Gander & White, where fine art handlers and executives navigate the intricate processes of transporting artworks while a deeper layer exists to their engagement with art.

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