TEFAF Reveals New York First Look

Jorge Pardo, Untitled, 2005, presented by Petzel Gallery

The European Fine Art Foundation (TEFAF) has reveal a “First Look” selection of extraordinary works due to be shown at TEFAF New York, running from May 12th–16th, 2023, with an invitation-only VIP day on May 11th, 2023. This group of 26 objects, ranging in media, styles, and eras reflects the astounding pieces on view at the Park Avenue Armory this May.

An esteemed list of 91 dealers with 13 new exhibitors this year will present museum-quality objects across modern and contemporary art, jewellery, antiques, and design to the vibrant art community of New York. The fair offers art enthusiasts, collectors, design professionals, and museum curators the opportunity to see and experience new dialogues between artworks.

TEFAF New York will also include a concurrent edition of TEFAF Online with a selection of the masterpieces on display at the Armory, alongside Programming, Stories and other content from the TEFAF community.

Egon Schiele
Seated Male Nude (Self-Portrait)
Black crayon on paper
18.1 x 11.6 inches


In contrast to his earlier works, this 1917 black crayon drawing titled Seated Male Nude (Self-Portrait) depicts a lanky and knobbly figure of the artist himself sitting on the floor while completely naked, created just a year before his premature death. The lines are purposeful and the image itself is both graphic and indelible. This piece demonstrates Schiele’s enhanced artistic self-assurance and his ability to expose his vulnerability as a human being.
Richard Nagy Ltd. is a new exhibitor at TEFAF New York this year.

Erika Giovanna Klien
Watercolor, tempera and oil on black chalk and charcoal on canvas
on cardboard
15.1 × 20 inches



The oeuvre of Erika Giovanna Klien includes village and city views, figurative works, and a focus on geometric compositions.
Music, theater, dance, and rhythm were all essential forms of expression that shaped her entire body of work. W&K-Wienerroither & Kohlbacher will show a comprehensive view of the artist’s work, whose artistic expression is undoubtedly one of the most exciting positions of the Austrian avant-garde.

Alighiero Boetti
Senza titolo (Tra l’incudine e il martello…..)
Embroidery on cloth
43.7 x 38.97 in



Alighiero Boetti’s work was not only informed by his theoretical interests and passion for non-Western cultures but also by his extensive travels. Incorporating a grid-like mosaic of block letters, whose meanings were often hard to decipher, was the artist’s way of contrasting order and disorder. While the design was Boetti’s own, he gave free rein for the embroiderers in choosing the colors to use in the work. The artist combined Italian and Persian texts while also contrasting the geometric vs. the flowing patterns that formed sayings, poems, titles, the artist’s name, and his collaborator’s home cities.

Kaare Klint
Three-seater sofa
Burl oak and Niger leather
29.25 x 86.6 x 31.1 inches


Kaare Klint, the father of Modern Danish Design, designed this unique three-seater sofa in 1916. The sofa is among his very early designs and should thus be seen as a prime example of the first steps in the movement that would later evolve into the ‘golden age of Danish design’. The aesthetic of the sofa is characterised by clean, pure lines and the use of the best materials of the time — attributes that would later define the work of Kaare Klint as a whole.

Jorge Pardo
Plexiglas, MDF, vinyl, fluorescent lights
79 x 175 x 90 inches


The Mountain Bar was opened in Chinatown, Los Angeles in 2003 by Jorge Pardo and gallery owner Steve Hanson. The bar was meant to be a gathering place for artists and art enthusiasts to exchange ideas and consider relational concerns. In 2009, Pardo created the upstairs bar, presented by Petzel Gallery, which became home to The Mountain School of Arts. It was a VIP lounge that also served as a mixed purpose space for lectures, performances, and film screenings. The Mountain Bar closed in 2012 and throughout its existence, the space housed lectures and presentations from artists and curators including Dan Graham, Hans Ulrich Obrist, and others.

TEFAF is a not-for-profit foundation that champions expertise and diversity in the global art community, evidenced in the exhibitors selected for its two fairs, which take place annually in Maastricht and New York. TEFAF acts as an expert guide for both private and institutional collectors, which inspires lovers and buyers of art everywhere.


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