Taking Outdoor Cooking to New, Luxurious Heights

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Grilling stations, outdoor kitchens and wood-fired ovens are standout additions to any luxury exterior arrangements. 

‘Aemyrie ownership is defined through an individual passion for design, quality, food and sharing with others.’—Peter Walsh, Managing Director, Aemyrie

Owning a property with a large outdoor space opens up a world of opportunities in terms of design. This is the perfect place to relax, entertain and enjoy pleasant weather, whilst enjoying a laid-back lunch or leisurely dinner with friends. 

One of the greatest advantages of a spacious garden or patio is the opportunity to dine outdoors—grilling stations, outdoor kitchens and wood-fired ovens are standout additions to any luxury exterior arrangement.

Opulent cooking solutions

The Aemyrie—a hand-made, state-of-the-art, wood-fired cooking system made exclusively in England—adds elegance to any outdoor setting, be it a superyacht, Mediterranean beach villa or downtown penthouse. Individually personalised to each client’s individual requirements, every bespoke creation is unique and designed to fit seamlessly into any home or environment.

The range of options is as broad as the imagination of any individual—the Aemyrie design team can integrate an extensive combination of woods, metals, composites and other finishes into a truly individual and unique showpiece.

To compliment the chosen material palette, door and hood handles, control knobs and other accents can be plated in a wide range of finishes including nickel, chrome, brass, silver and even gold.

‘Like the hand-built engines of the finest luxury car makers, each Aemyrie is mounted with an individual ownership plaque.’—Peter Walsh, Managing Director, Aemyrie

Recreate the taste of the best food you have ever experienced

With the ability to produce remarkable food for 30 or more guests, an Aemyrie grill puts flavour at the heart of cooking. In addition to achieving perfectly roast, grilled, seared or smoked food, chefs can also add oak, cherry, apple, hickory and other flavoured woods to create gastronomically flawless dishes. The opulent wood-fired grill also boasts an innovative intelligent temperature control system, which automatically adjusts its settings to ensure culinary perfection time and time again.

Flawless design

With the premise of bringing the finest cooking experiences to those who appreciate beauty and bespoke craftsmanship as much as they do gastronomic perfection, each Aemyrie wood-fired oven features unmistakeable design lines.

A harmonious blend of state-of-the-art technology and evocative retro features, the sophisticated Aemyrie oven reaches new heights of sophistication, representing a timeless, instantly recognisable and aesthetically beautiful form.

Its’ iconic outer side panels share an affinity with the classic 1920s boat-tail cars, along with nautical legends made famous on the Italian Riviera during the 1950s and 60s.

‘If you are working as a chef and you don’t want one of these, you need to change career. These are really classy,’—Darron Bunn, award-winning Michelin-starred chef

This article has been brought to you by Aemyrie, producers of world-class wood-fired ovens. For more information about their products, visit aemyrie.com 

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