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Josiah Wedgwood’s Story of Four Masterpieces

Certainly the most significant potter of 18th Century Britain, and arguably the most revered to this day, Josiah Wedgwood (1730- 95) mastered his trade early. Hailing from a large family of established potters in Staffordshire, the young Wedgwood learned how to throw in the workshop of his older brother, Thomas. Years later, Wedgwood became renowned for his experiments, technical innovations and more specifically, for his creamware body and glaze—renamed ‘Queen’s Ware’ after he became ‘potter to Her Majesty’ in 1766. It was during a visit to Liverpool in 1762 that Wedgwood...

Luxury Home Collectables

The limited editions and luxury home collectables of the market today have long been sought after around the world. Collectors are travelling far and wide to discover the rarest and most desirable of possessions. Some of these collectables can be found to date back to the 7th century, while others are set to become classics of our era. Fabergé eggs These unique and exquisitely designed luxury home collectables date back to the Tsar era and have,...

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