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Mastering Wealth Preservation: The Art of Estate and Succession Planning

Hannah Roynon-Jones, Jersey Trustee and Director, Alex Picot Trust discusses the importance of safeguarding high-value and sentimental assets. Imagine your most valuable assets, the treasures you’ve spent a lifetime accumulating and enjoying, a source of prosperity and mark of success for you which could become a legacy that transcends generations of your family.The art on your walls, the home your children grew up in, precious jewellery and watches, the holiday home the family visits, your...

What Are the Rules to Wealth Management?

If you would describe yourself as ‘affluent’, or in modern parlance as an HNWI (High Net Worth Individual), wealth management could be vital to your future finances. Unless you are a financial professional, you can’t be expected to have a grasp of all the investment, accounting, tax, legal, inheritance and residence laws which might affect you and your family’s wealth. The advisory service of a wealth manager is a consultative process, designed to explore the client’s assets and needs, to tailor a strategy using appropriate financial products...

Is Gold an Investment to Treasure?

The lure of gold is legendary, but are we fooling ourselves if we treat it as a sensible choice for the modern investor? It pays to understand why for hundreds of years it was the foundation of all wealth, and why it’s perhaps a different type of investment today. The use of gold in the form of coins probably dates back to Egypt in 500BC, at a time when the intrinsic value of the metal had long been established through its use in jewellery. The History...

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