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A Luxury Hand-me-down

One of the world’s most sought-after luxury assets has seen a surge in second-hand sales in recent years. The luxury watch market is unique in terms of its investment opportunity: huge monetary returns are highly unlikely and expensive timepieces often depreciate in value. That’s not to say that an investment isn’t worthwhile, though. In April 2017, the Sotheby’s Watches auction in London achieved a stunning grand total of £2,258,000. The highest achiever of the night...

Horology: A Brief History

Over thousands of years, horology has developed from a primal undertaking into an artisanal craft. Read about the history of horology and how—over the course of time—it has become a unique art form.     Time: A human infatuation Time is the only constant. Over the course of history, humankind has always been absorbed by it. The passing of time denotes change. And change, like time, is inevitable. The hourglass, one of the earliest timekeeping devices, is...

Maximus: The world’s largest tourbillon

A KERBEDANZ world premiere in a limited edition of 99 pieces, introducing Maximus: The world’s largest tourbillon cage at 27 millimetres across. An unusual timepiece that breaks the mould, the Maximus masterpiece of horological micromechanics was introduced to the media and all the world’s buyers at the end of March at the Baselworld trade fair. With its 27-millimetre cage, which is almost twice the size of the largest one known to date, the biggest wristwatch with...

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