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Excavation by London Museum of Archaeology Reveals Lost Anglo-Saxon Treasures

The Museum of London Archaeology (MOLA) has revealed the results of new research into the Prittlewell Anglo-Saxon burial chamber. First excavated in 2003, the small plot of land in Prittlewell, Essex revealed an astonishingly well-preserved burial chamber adorned with rare and precious objects; however, many of the burial chamber’s secrets lay concealed beneath centuries of earth and corrosion and have only been revealed now. The research, led by MOLA and funded by Southend-on-Sea Borough Council...

New Rules to Redefine ‘Treasure’ Could Help UK Museums

In an effort to give museums a better chance of acquiring historic items before they disappear into private hands, the government has announced plans to expand the definition of ‘treasure’. At present, those who find items at least 300 years old made substantially of gold and silver, or which are found with artefacts of precious metals, have a legal obligation to report to a coroner within 14 days. If the object is deemed to be...

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