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John Piper Exhibition at Tate Liverpool

An exhibition showcasing the work of John Piper will be shown at Tate Liverpool, celebrating one of the most significant artists of the 20th century. It aims to examine John Piper’s role in British modernism while displaying his innovative work in a variety of mediums. John Piper was born in Surrey in 1903. From a young age he would travel by bike around the countryside, painting and sketching local landmarks and landscapes. He produced work...

Faces of a Nation

An upcoming exhibition at Tate Liverpool charts how two artists responded to the glamour and misery of Weimar Germany. The Germany that emerged from the chaos and destruction of World War I was, in many ways, a broken one. The punitive reparations dictated by the Treaty of Versailles and crippling hyperinflation between 1921 and 1924 had a ruinous effect on the German economy. The streets were filled with impoverished, often badly wounded, veterans, many of...

Richard Hawkins exhibition at Tate Liverpool

Los Angeles based artist Richard Hawkins (* 1961) will unveil a new commission for Tate Liverpool this spring 28 February – 11 May 2014. The first museum exhibition of his work in the UK brings together a significant number of new works by the artist. The exhibition traces how iconic works from Western modern art has been interpreted or ‘twisted’ in a different cultural context to create images and ideas clashing with orthodox interpretations of art history....

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