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Spring Stampex International celebrates female philatelists

This February, Stampex International will celebrate two leading female philatelists within the show’s prestigious Court of Honour. Collections from Birthe King and Judith Holder will be on display throughout the four-day showcase. Birthe King is not only a passionate collector but also a council member for The Royal Philatelic Society. Her display, which was last seen in a museum in Denmark, consists of 20 letters between a newly married couple during the 1864 war between...

A Small Fortune

From the US and Europe to the Far East, the global stamp collecting market offers a flourishing and profitable market for both collectors and investors. The continuing uncertainty that hangs over the stock market means an increasing number of investors are seeking a more tangible place to store their capital.  Since the recession, the global stamp collecting market has blossomed correspondingly. According to Stanley Gibbons, a leading stamp dealer, an increasing number of people are...

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