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With international dealing, online sales, complex restitution cases and issues of provenance shaking up the art market, a collector may require a good lawyer more than ever. Anetha from Arts & Collections talks to LALIVE’s art law and private client specialists to unearth the legal issues affecting the art market. Anetha at Arts & Collections: What do you believe are the main legal challenges affecting the art world at the moment? Sandrine Giroud, Art Lawyer...


Moving and installing valuable works of art is a job best left to the experts. We talk to Convelio about the delicate issues involved. Convelio, founded in September 2017 by art aficionados Edouard Gouin and Clément Quizille, is described as a “full stack digital freight forwarder” specialising in shipping high-end and luxury goods across the world. The duo began their careers in the tech sector before discovering their passion for interior design, and now promote...

Unique in its broad international coverage of both arts and cultural events, Arts & Collections covers fine art from antiquity to modern times, auction records, a special sale preview by Sotheby’s, as well as market trends that inform collectors of the world’s finest items.

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