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The Nomadic Art Gallery Goes For a ‘Nipple Twist’

After the successful opening of its first physical space in Leuven, Belgium, in October 2021, The Nomadic Art Gallery pursues its exploration of the New Zealand contemporary art scene with its second on-site exhibition titled Nipple Twist. From 3rd December 2021 until 14th January 2022, the group presentation places once again NZ artists in dialogue with their European peers, as Oliver Cain (b. 1996, United Kingdom) and Chloe Marsters (b. 1989, Auckland) alongside Merijn Verhelst...

Nomadic Art Gallery Celebrates New Zealand Art Scene

Marking its move from a mobile public art and research project, The Nomadic Art Gallery, founded by Arthur Buerms and long-time partner Gie in 2020, unveils its first transitional gallery space in Leuven, Belgium. Building on a cyclical model rooted in the notion of nomadism, the initiative sets forward a new gallery model, which ensues through two alternating phases. The first is an in-situ immersion within an underrepresented art scene, during which Arthur and Gie...

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