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Luxury Mosaics in Interior Design

30 years since its conception SICIS is now exploring luxury interior design, still guided by its original founding principle—the mosaic as a form of art A historic form of art going as far back as the third millennium BC, the mosaic has now been propelled into the contemporary art landscape. Sicis, a leading creator and designer of exquisite mosaics that are 100% made in Italy, has become synonymous with luxury and uniqueness. Born in Ravenna...

Mosaics Throughout History

The mosaic as a form of art has been around for millenniums. We take a look at how different cultures and ancient civilisations influenced mosaics throughout history.  It was during the Neolithic Period—around 4,000 BC—that terracotta ‘cones’ were first applied onto objects as a means of decoration. This technique, now more commonly known as the mosaic, has undergone a great deal of change since that time millions of years ago. During the Bronze Age (800...

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