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Splendour and Sunshine: The Beauty of Mauritius

Abounding luxury, natural tranquillity, and immersive island retreats. The mesmerising beauty of Mauritius makes for the perfect escape. With a year-round, tropical climate and legendary hotels that make best use of pristine coastlines, a trip to this magnificent Indian Ocean location is sure to be both enriching and extraordinary. Fill days with catamaran cruises or scuba diving discoveries of the eclectic underwater world, unwind with ancient wellness practises in calming spas or sample world-influenced cuisines....

Luxury Travel: Indian Ocean Getaways

Each location within the Indian Ocean is enriched with its own unique character and history—discover this stunning area of the globe with Arts & Collections. Of all the world’s oceanic divisions, the Indian Ocean is the third largest. Located between Africa, Australasia and the Southern Ocean, the region embraces a vast mix of landscapes and cultures. Whether you’re in search of calm lagoons, slick restaurants and cool highlands or timeless ruins, astounding wildlife and lambent...

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