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Caviar: The Story Behind the Mystery and Mystique of a Luxurious Indulgence

Caviar is basically the fresh and only slightly salted roe of the female sturgeon. The sturgeon is a prehistorical migratory fish that has roamed the cold waters of the northern hemisphere for over 250 million years. Depending on the type of sturgeon, size and weight can vary. Some types (e.g. Huso Huso ‘Beluga’, Acipenser Transmontanus) can grow to over 1980 lbs, while others (e.g. Russian sturgeon, Siberian Sturgeon) average around 130 lbs. Interesting to know...

Adding Value to Your Property Through Interior Design

Flawless interior design, quality materials and generous amenities are just some of the elements that can provide value and significance to your luxury property. The luxury housing market is governed by its own rules where lavish properties attract a specific clientele with very particular tastes. With this crowd, no expense is spared in the quest to achieve the perfect home. The amenities and interior features that bring the most value to affluent homeowners tend to...

Innovative Education: Giving Girls the ‘Digital Bug’

During the 1920s, the first Innovative Education European Marymount Schools were established for the daughters of globally mobile families with the specific aim of preparing them for life in an international setting. Far ahead of its time, the Marymount Network of Schools, founded by the Sisters of the RSHM, soon spread across three continents where 19 Schools still thrive today and offer the most relevant launch-pad for students, equipping them fully for today’s world. They...

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