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Restore or Electrify? Saving Classic Cars for the Future How can classic cars be preserved for the future? From ground-up restoration to electrification, here’s how the experts are saving superb automobiles With Bentley announcing that it would be launching an electric model in 2025 and switching to a fully electric line-up by 2030, clearly it’s time for owners of petrol-driven classic cars to think about what they can do to preserve their beloved vehicles for...


As the global shift towards electric-powered vehicles continues to accelerate, Ionic Cars is breathing new life into iconic sports cars, giving them a future in the EV era. Working with legendary vehicles from the past, Ionic Cars, founded in 2019, is ‘re-making’ elite motors, combining high-tech battery-powered performance with classic good looks, while reducing carbon emissions. “Our main focus is on converting these (once) thirsty gas-guzzlers to zero-emission vehicles, to ensure their charm and allure...

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