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Fauvism: the Expressive Potential of Colour

Arts & Collections divulge the details of the stimulating art movement, Fauvism, and the expressive potential of colour. Fauvism was a style that sprouted from a group of French modern artists known as les fauves (‘wild beasts’ in French) in the early 20th century. The prolific works of earlier artists such as Vincent van Gogh and Paul Cézanne initially inspired the movement. Compared to other artistic movements, Fauvism had a relatively short lifespan, lasting only...

Henri Matisse, the Fauve

Painting had rarely come easily to Henri Matisse, the Fauve. Throughout his career, he questioned, repainted, and re-evaluated his work.  In 1905, Henri Matisse left the dusty heat of Paris to spend the summer at Coullioure; a small fishing village on the southern coast of France. For some time he had felt disillusioned with his painting. Up until then, Matisse had been influenced by the Impressionists, but he began to find their art “a completely objective...

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