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10 Russian Art, Culture and Luxury Highlights, from Fabergé to Pussy Riot

10 Russian Art, Culture and Luxury Highlights, from Fabergé to Pussy Riot The Soviet Union’s, and now Russia’s, place as a political bogeyman in the 20th and 21st centuries doesn’t obscure its position at the forefront of art and culture. Indeed, some of the most shockingly modern and revolutionary art movements have come from modern Russia, perhaps as much as anything in reaction to its imperialist past. Heritage The repository of over three million works...

Luxury Home Collectables

The limited editions and luxury home collectables of the market today have long been sought after around the world. Collectors are travelling far and wide to discover the rarest and most desirable of possessions. Some of these collectables can be found to date back to the 7th century, while others are set to become classics of our era. Fabergé eggs These unique and exquisitely designed luxury home collectables date back to the Tsar era and have,...

A Great Discovery—The Third Imperial Fabergé Egg

Jewellers to six generations of the Royal Family, as well as a having a clientele of celebrities, it was Wartski, the London Fabergé egg specialists, who also made the headlines in 2014 by discovering the lost Third Imperial Fabergé Egg, valued at £20 million. The family-run business of Wartski gained mass media attention in 2014 when the company made history by identifying the long-lost Third Imperial Fabergé Egg, a masterpiece of peerless craftsmanship and inventive...

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