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Nurturing Young Creativity and Empowering Children Through Art

Art plays a pivotal role in the development of young minds, offering them a canvas to explore creativity, express emotions, and cultivate essential life skills. The innovative practices implemented by Knightsbridge School are deeply committed to the vital role of art in fostering young creativity and empowering children. Art serves as a unique channel for self-expression and nurtures imaginative thinking. It enables children to convey their thoughts and emotions beyond the confines of words. Here,...

Innovative Education: Giving Girls the ‘Digital Bug’

During the 1920s, the first Innovative Education European Marymount Schools were established for the daughters of globally mobile families with the specific aim of preparing them for life in an international setting. Far ahead of its time, the Marymount Network of Schools, founded by the Sisters of the RSHM, soon spread across three continents where 19 Schools still thrive today and offer the most relevant launch-pad for students, equipping them fully for today’s world. They...

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