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Cubism Archives - Arts & Collections

Cubism Archives - Arts & Collections

Cubism: Changing Perspectives

Arts &Collections investigates one of the most outstanding and influential movements of the modern era—Cubism. Changing perspectives of what art could accomplish and resemble, the movement transformed the face of the art world forever. 1907-08 was a monumental turning point in the history of art; artists were turning their backs on the realistic portrayals that had been so vigorously preached throughout the Renaissance period. Cubism’s birth in the 20th century was said to have been...

The Power of Change

No other art movement has had the explosive and lasting impact on art, architecture, and fashion that Cubist art has had. The connection between art and fashion has been a strong one for more than a hundred years. The great fashion emporiums, haute couture brands, cosmetics, perfumes, all have had, and still have, a strong connection with fine art, especially since the early 20th century, when artists such as Delaunay, Dufy and others collaborated with...

Unique in its broad international coverage of both arts and cultural events, Arts & Collections covers fine art from antiquity to modern times, auction records, a special sale preview by Sotheby’s, as well as market trends that inform collectors of the world’s finest items.

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