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Victor Wong’s London exhibition Far Side of the Moon showcases the possibilities of combining technology and art, using his A.I creation Gemini. Gemini, an artificial intelligence ink artist, takes its name from the astrological sign represented by twins, a reference to the twin aspects of its A.I. mind and robotic body. Gemini took three years to build and programme. It plots 3D virtual terrain, while its arm dips its brush into ink and water, sweeping...


The British Museum’s major exhibition, ‘Ming: 50 years that changed China’ (September 18, 2014 – January 5, 2015), will explore a golden age in China’s history. Between AD1400 and 1450, China was a global superpower run by one family – the Ming dynasty – who established Beijing as the capital, and built the Forbidden City. During this period, Ming China was thoroughly connected with the outside world. Chinese artists absorbed many fascinating influences, and created some...

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