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Cambridge Gallery to Showcase All-Female Exhibition

To commemorate Women’s History Month, Cambridge-based gallery, Extraordinary Objects, is to launch a new, all-female exhibition celebrating women in the arts. Curated by gallery owner, Carla Nizzola, and launching on Saturday 26 March, the new exhibition, titled SALUTE, will unveil works in a range of forms by established international names and local and emerging talent. Women in Arts Commenting on women in the arts, Carla Nizzola said: “Although slow progress is being made in levelling the various disparities...

Who Are the World’s Top Ten Highest Earning Artists?

Who Are the World’s Top Ten Highest Earning Artists? The prices these artists’ works sell for may be eye-watering, but how much of the money do they see and who are the highest earning artists? The works of the high rollers in the art world may be commanding eye-watering figures, but it is unlikely that the artists get a huge slice of the money in the headline-grabbing sales. The costs of their works may run...

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