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Nomadic Art Gallery Celebrates New Zealand Art Scene

Marking its move from a mobile public art and research project, The Nomadic Art Gallery, founded by Arthur Buerms and long-time partner Gie in 2020, unveils its first transitional gallery space in Leuven, Belgium. Building on a cyclical model rooted in the notion of nomadism, the initiative sets forward a new gallery model, which ensues through two alternating phases. The first is an in-situ immersion within an underrepresented art scene, during which Arthur and Gie...

The 65th BRAFA: A Subtle Mix of Stability and Novelty

The 65th BRAFA, (Brussels Art Fair), one of the leading European art fairs,  will take place on Sunday 26th January – 2nd February 2020 at a former industrial site in Tour & Taxis, Belgium. There will be 133 galleries in total, the same number as last year, with some new names and several returning galleries. Staying true to its roots it will once again offer a diverse range of artworks of the highest quality from...

‘Lost Michelangelo’ Goes Missing from Belgian Church

As quickly as it was rediscovered, a painting believed to be a lost work of Renaissance master Michelangelo has disappeared, a matter of days before experts were due to examine it. The 16th-century artwork depicts Mary, Joseph and a sleeping baby Jesus and had been undisturbed in a dark corner of the Sin Ludgerus church in the small Flemish town of Zele. Upon his discovery, pastor Jan Van Raemdonck, 61, noted the startling similarities between...

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