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Mozart’s Last Castle Going for Auction

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is often considered the greatest musical genius to have ever lived. With over 800 works including operas, symphonies, and concertos, he defined the classical period and inspired later composers including Beethoven and Tchaikovsky. His music continues to be performed all over the world to this day. Mozart’s final work was commissioned by Count Franz von Walsegg of Schloss Stuppach in Salzburg, present-day Austria. This historic castle, one of the few in lower...

Artist Profile: Gustav Klimt

Klimt was the master of symbolism, but was his personal life as scandalous as his paintings? Born on July 14 1862 in Baumgarten, Austria, Gustav Klimt was the son of a struggling gold engraver. Klimt was the second of seven children and lived in poverty while he studied architectural painting at Vienna’s School of Applied Arts. All three of the Klimt boys displayed early artistic talent—as a member of the ‘Company of Artists’ (a group...

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