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Bank of America Art Conservation Project: Restoring Assyrian Reliefs

With input from Bank of America’s Rena DeSisto and the Brooklyn Museum’s Lisa Bruno, Arts & Collections takes a detailed look into the Art Conservation Project and its ongoing efforts to restore six Assyrian reliefs Since 2010, Bank of America has provided grants for not-for-profit museums to facilitate the conservation of significant artwork and historical treasures. Today, the Art Conservation Project has executed approximately 150 such operations, covering artefacts from 30 countries across six of...

Safeguarding the Arts

Arts & Collections speaks to Bank of America’s Rena DeSisto about the corporation’s Art Conservation Project. Since 2010, the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Art Conservation Project has been providing grants to not-for-profit museums around the globe to conserve historically or culturally significant works of art in danger of deterioration. To this day, the company has completed 100 of such projects in 29 different countries spanning six of the seven continents. Last year, Bank of...

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