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Andy Warhol’s Self Portrait ‘to Make’ £7 Million at Auction

Andy Warhol’s Self Portrait will display at auction for the first time at Sotheby’s London on 28 June. The Self Portrait, which is predicted to make £7 million at auction, is part of the auction house’s Contemporary Art Evening in the U.K’s capital. Self Portrait, created in 1963-4, is a piece from his very first series of self-portraits where he began his interest in blending ideas of art and celebrity. The piece was assembled using...

Collecting Warhol and Hirst

New York-based Aby Rosen, collector of art pieces by Warhol and Hirst and more, talks about the ebb and flow of his outstanding collection of famous contemporary art, the trends and what inspires him to buy and sell in particular Warhol and Hirst.  In real estate, they say that three things matter: location, location and location. Aby Rosen’s best-known buildings stand across from each other on Manhattan’s Park Avenue—the 1959 Seagram’s Building by Ludwig Mies van...

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