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Amalgam Collection has launched the ‘Schumacher Collection’, a set of five 1:8 scale models celebrating Michael Schumacher and his five consecutive FIA Formula 1 World Championship successes at Scuderia Ferrari. Three options to display the collection are available, with the ultimate wall-mounted edition limited to just five sets.

The collection of models is the result of over 12,500 combined hours of development time, and each set takes over 1500 hours to collectively build.

Option 1 – Model Collection ($53,000 USD / £39,725 GBP / €48,865 EUR): The models mounted on five standard Amalgam Collection carbon composite bases

Option 2 – Plinth Collection ($70,000 USD, £52,400 GBP, €64,455 EUR): The models mounted atop five silk black pedestals to be viewed at eye level

Option 3 – Wall-Mounted Collection ($87,000 USD, £72,500 GBP, €89,175 EUR): The models mounted on five carbon composite panels, together creating a stunning wall display. Limited to just five sets, these beautiful wall displays are indeed works of art. 10% from every sale of the Schumacher Collection Wall Display goes to the Keep Fighting Foundation. Each model is accompanied by a Giclee printed image of Michael selected from the Motorsport Images Archive. The complete display measures 3.06 metres (120 inches) wide by 2.17 metres (85 inches) high.

The five models comprising the Schumacher Collection are what we have come to expect from Amalgam, accurately and perfectly detailed scale replicas of each car, precisely as it appeared on track to take Michael another step along his glorious journey.

Each model has been hand-built and assembled by a small team of craftsmen and features thousands of precisely engineered parts: castings, photo-etchings and CNC machined metal components. The models were built using original design data and paint codes supplied by Scuderia Ferrari.


Sandy Copeman, Founder and Brand Director of Amalgam, said: “From the start, Amalgam Collection’s collaboration with Ferrari was turbocharged by the extraordinary success of Michael Schumacher and the Ferrari dream team of Ross Brawn, Jean Todt and Rory Byrne, that supported him to a record series of championship wins. It was a dominance of F1 the like of which we’d never witnessed. We are privileged to honour Michael Schumacher with this collection that captures each of the beautiful Ferraris, that took him to a series of five World Championships”.


Michael Schumacher is deservedly regarded by many as the most successful Formula 1 driver of all time. The first driver to achieve seven FIA Formula 1 World Championships, and the first German to win one at all, he was at times controversial, but always a genius behind the wheel. Schumacher was noted throughout his career for his ability to produce fast laps at crucial moments in a race and to push his car to the very limit for sustained periods, particularly in difficult, wet conditions. He played a key role in bringing Benetton their only ever Constructors’ Championship title and in ending Ferrari’s biggest ever 16-year wait, by taking the Constructors’ Title in 1999.

Schumacher proceeded to win five successive Drivers’ titles in a row, a record that seemed until recent years unlikely to ever be beaten. 2002 remains a stand-out year for the German, finishing on the podium in every race and winning the title with a record six races remaining. Schumacher also possesses the highest number of fastest laps with 77 and the largest number of Formula 1 hat-tricks (achieving pole position, the race win and the fastest lap) ever recorded, with 22. Further proof of his extraordinary abilities, if any were needed, are his 15 consecutive seasons with at least one Grand Prix victory.

His 91 wins, 64 further podiums and 1,566 career points, from just 306 race starts, are all further testament to his extraordinary driving ability. No matter how successful future drivers may prove, Schumacher will always maintain pole position on the grid of Formula 1 history.

In the case of the classic cars an extremely accurate digital scan is made of the car, and hundreds of photographs of all the details of a carefully selected original car are taken, to ensure complete accuracy and adherence to the authentic finishes and materials. Many parts of the model are machined from metal with the major components hand cast from prototyping resin. Each model is individually assembled by a small team of highly skilled model-makers. In total the time taken to machine, cast, hand fettle, paint, polish and assemble each model is between 250 and 450 hours of highly skilled work depending on the complexity of the car.

The finished model is a very precise scale replica of the original car with every detail perfectly and authentically represented at an 8th of the original size. This is modelling elevated to such a high level that it becomes an art form.


Since 1995 Amalgam have been admired and hugely respected by leading designers and engineers in the European automotive industry, as well as F1 designers, drivers and team principals. Amalgam’s models appear on the desks of CEOs and presidents of the world’s most important car companies. Due to the extreme accuracy and authenticity of Amalgam’s creations, made in small limited editions, they are also much sought after by devoted collectors of fine handmade objects across Europe and in the USA.

The Schumacher Collection of 1:8 scale models is available from Amalgam Collection. More information can be found at

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