Sabbadini’s Gems of Italy

Passion, creativity and originality are hallmarks of Italian jewellery house Sabbadini, with a history that goes back to the grand tradition of the great merchants

For almost a century, Sabbadini has been more than a jewellery house; it is a creator of beauty, or rather, it would say, a particular type of beauty that is the essence of what it means to be Italian. This style is unique and inimitable, capable of creating emotions and of uniting different people who share common perceptions. Italian and international women wear these designs while sharing the same special experience, that allow an object of design to enhance their beauty and their femininity while retaining their individuality.

sabbadini ear

The story begins in the 1940s with Bruno Sabbadini, whose innate ability to select the best and purest stones in the world allowed him to create an international business, under the influence of Paris, at that time the centre of style.

sabbadini pink

Sabbadini’s distinctive Bee design in a necklace made with invisibly set pink sapphires and diamonds 

Sabbadini provided jewellery with coloured stones like sapphires, emeralds and rubies, anticipating the spirit of the times, and the desire for ‘convertible’ jewels – at that time necklaces were a modular component, worn also in parts that became brooches, bracelets and earrings.

It was the mid-60s, under the guidance of young Alberto Sabbadini, when his desire to makediamonds again the status symbol of timeless elegance, sophistication and traditions led him on a journey which questioned the classical categories of jewellery design. Outstanding signature pieces such as brooches, bracelets and necklaces in classic and innovative settings witnessed the birth of a style and a brand, with the choice of high-quality cabochon gems reversing the traditions of the twentieth century.


Through the ‘70s and ‘80s, when Alberto and Stefania Sabaddini’s collections became lavish and colourful, and into the ‘90s, when Alberto’s son Pierandrea made the brand synonymous with Italian craftsmanship and luxury, the house’s creations pushed towards new territories. The tradition continues in the 21st century with Micol Sabbadini, daughter of Stefania and Alberto Sabbadini, joining the Maison as Creative Director and Brand Ambassador.

sabbadini bees

White gold bee earrings, diamond prong set and diamond pavé 

The Bee Brooch, designed by Alberto Sabbadini for his wife Stefania in the 1980s, has become the icon of the Maison, a beloved creation today available as earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets. Symbol of industriousness, vivacity and good fortune, it is a jewel with infinite interpretations, graced by diamonds or precious stones, noble metals like gold, and refined features like Sabbadini’s ‘invisible setting’, not to mention coral and lacquer in a range of various patterns.

sabbadini blue

It all starts with a bee, then a collection of different bees, that can be mixed and matched opening up endless possibilities of colour combinations, all in the tradition that makes Sabbadini one of the gems of Italian jewellery design.

Images courtesy of Sabbadini

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