A Coffee Maker With a Royal Lineage

The elegance of serving coffee “the Royal Way” conjures up images of formal banquets, extravagant ballrooms and exotic travel. Royal Paris introduces its coffee maker with a royal lineage

Even at the most lavish dinner parties and events, coffee and its various accoutrements seem like somewhat of an afterthought. The focus is usually on the wine and the tablescape, since coffee is coffee. Or is it?

Once upon a time, the partaking in coffee was a special and refined ritual.

A coffee maker with a royal lineage

Tale is told of an elegant eight course dinner, where Franz Joseph, emperor of Austria, and his now legendary 1850 Royal Banquet, served coffee with something new and very exquisite. The nobles marvelled as physics took hold and fire, steam, pressure, vacuum and gravity brewed the best coffee known in the new world.

Modern society has lost the ability to make even the smallest of experiences a luxury. Tradition, for the most part, has been lost. This beckons just one question for those infatuated with old-world charm: can we get it back?

Enter the Royal Coffee Maker by Royal Paris, a 24-karat gold syphon brewer. An objet d’art in its own right, it’s a beautiful replica of the coffee maker used by the emperor.

Jewellery-class finishes

Each Royal Paris coffee machine is made of the world’s finest materials.
The age-old lost wax method, also called cire perdue is employed to create the delicate gargoyle spigot with chasing dolphins, the counterweight and centre-post- all meticulously chiselled into miniature pieces of art.

Our team of specialised artisans applies the same standard of craftsmanship that is used in fine jewelry.

Our artisans make Royal Paris the most indulgent coffee maker in the world; a true “Objet d’art“.

It’s a technical masterpiece. Each creation is made as a bespoke piece in limited edition and is custom-made to your requirements. Family crests or initials can also be engraved for additional heritage appeal.

Custom Baccarat glasswork

The glasswork is custom-made, numbered and hand-painted at the Baccarat factory in Nancy, France. Freehand cutting and gold-leaf painting add to the ornate detailing on the glass. Each bespoke glasswork depicts the lavish yet modern aesthetic signature of Baccarat’s ingenious craftsmanship.

Semi-precious stone base

The coffee machine is firmly mounted on a semi-precious stone base made of your selection of malachite, lapis lazuli or black obsidian, custom-polished and produced in Germany.

24K gold-plating

The plating is done at a renowned gold plater in Paris, Atelier Rouge-Pullon, which has been awarded the “Symbol of Excellence of French Craftsmanship.” Here, the company’s team of experienced goldsmiths, silverers, gilders, and polishers use the electro-plating technique to plate the coffee machines with 10 micron pure 24K gold or pristine silver.

An engineering marvel

Royal Paris takes great care to guarantee that each coffee machine functions perfectly to create a sublime cup of coffee with every use.
Since the boiling water passes through the overflow pipe, it has the chance to cool down a few degrees before mixing with the coffee. As a result, the machine can extract the oils and rich flavours from the coffee beans without creating a burned or scorched taste.

Once all the water has moved from the canister into the Baccarat glass vase, the burner shuts off automatically. This automatic process results in a safe and mesmerising coffee brewing experience that is a beautiful piece of engineering in action.

It’s a rare piece of “functional art.” Every minute process is an exact science,
carefully engineered to create the perfect cup of coffee.

Don’t let after-dinner be an after-thought, make it a masterpiece.

The most treasured thing about the Royal Coffee Maker isn’t that you can recreate the ambience of the 1800s European courts, nor the pleasant sound of when the kettle siphons the perfectly brewed coffee, nor that this one-of-a-kind objet d’art adds a striking Neo-classical element to the dining experience. It may very well be the potent alchemy that the Royal Coffee Maker taps into – elevating the art of the post-meal to its true worth.

The Royal Paris Coffee Maker comes in four different options: Versailles, the most ornate; Avant-garde, a contemporary style, Classic and Modern.

A very limited edition

With only 5 to 8 of these exquisite, numbered pieces hand-crafted each month, there are only a handful of customers that will be able to purchase this Royal Paris coffee maker.

This unique dining experience is a romantic, entertaining way to amuse guests and create exotic and alcoholic coffees.

The dazzling elegance of serving coffee made “the Royal Way” conjures up images of formal banquets of foreign embassies, of extravagant ballroom dances in castles in distant lands, of the Orient Express, the Great Gatsby.
This is an opportunity to create an atmosphere of elegance and distinction.

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