Portuguese Contemporary Artists the Focus in French Cultural Project

Ângela Ferreira, Algeria stamp 1964

The FRAC (Fonds Régionaux d’art Contemporain, or Regional Fund for Modern Art) of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur is launching the project Faire Société on Friday June 24th by spotlighting the artistic, social and political engagement of four artists including Portuguese artists Ângela Ferreira and Wilfrid Almendra.

They are launching the FRAC’s new artistic and cultural project by offering new works conceived for its spaces in connection with its artistic approaches, revolving around public space, architecture, and history.

Internationally renowned Portuguese-South African artist Ângela Ferreira was invited as part of the France-Portugal Season at the Institut Français. She explores the links of solidarity that united Portugal and Algeria in the 1970s, through two parallel stories of archiving and radio broadcast. The focus on Portugal continues with the presentation of work by French-Portuguese artist Wilfrid Almendra whose monumental piece Martyr recently entered the Frac’s collection.

With these exhibitions, they are inaugurating new uses of the FRAC and the redistribution of the different forms of exhibition into each of the spaces, all renamed to inscribe the artistic and cultural project Faire Société onto the city of Marseille.

Ângela Ferreira

Ângela Ferreira, a Portuguese-South African artist born in Mozambique, conducts research into the social and political history of territories through the prism of art and architecture; she explores the colonial history of Portugal and reinterprets the play of political influences and interactions between Europe and Africa through composite installations mixing photos, films and sculptures. The exhibition at the FRAC pays tribute to the essential role played by radio stations in broadcasting the world’s independence struggles, such as the Portuguese station Rádio Voz da Liberdade, housed by Radio Algiers from 1962 to 1974, until the fall of the dictatorial regime and the New State.

Ângela Ferreira, Radio Algiers station.
Ângela Ferreira, Algeria stamp 1981.

Wilfrid Almendra

The exhibition Adelaïde inaugurates the FRAC’s artistic and cultural project Faire Société, and opens new “perspectives” on the work of this French-Portuguese artist whose research encourages us to reinvent our modes of production and consumption to recreate something common. The work of Wilfrid Almendra encompasses sculpture and installation, using various materials originating in exchange and recycling, and is inspired by references to the history of art and architecture.

Wilfrid Almendra, VLZ310, later, 2019. Moco, 100 artistes dans la ville – ZAT 2019, Montpellier. Photo : Marc Domage.
Wilfrid Almendra, Martyr, 2020. Photo:  Aurélien Mole. Collection Frac Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.

For more information, visit www.frac-provence-alpes-cotedazur.org

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