Outdoor Kitchen ROCK.AIR by STEININGER

STEININGER ROCK.AIR, image by Gortana Photography

CEO and Chief designer Martin Steininger of the Austrian design manufacturer STEININGER makes an architectural statement in the outdoor area for the terrace or garden.

With the modular outdoor kitchen ROCK.AIR, innovative design and high-tech functions are combined.

The ROCK.AIR is as flexible as you need it to be. The individual kitchen cubes of the ROCK.AIR can be individually combined with each other and fulfill different functions: gas grill or lava grill, sink, dishwasher, cooling and freezing element with ice cube maker, storage space and fireplace. The top cover lid can be pushed back, creating a counter at the classic bar height at the back of the kitchen. This elements can be moved backwards horizontally using the patented mechanism, so you have a comfortable work surface in front of you and a counter top table behind it.

The outer shell of the individual outdoor kitchen blocks is particularly hard-wearing and is made of powder-coated steel.
On top of that there is ambience at the push of a button: the two burners of the ROCK.AIR ignite their effect either with gas fire or fuel gel, conveniently controllable via remote control.

ROCK.AIR COOL is a true miracle of space. After all, the module combines a fridge, freezer compartment and ice cube maker.

STEININGER Rock.Air Modul StMartin RIV9117, image © Roider

The absolute luxury in garden design is an outdoor kitchen.

Cooking on an open fire and close to nature has something original and social gatherings in the open air simply give you a good feeling! A kitchen in the garden is a convenience you can afford.

After all, it is luxury to cook spontaneously, grill or mix cool drinks with friends and family enjoying the moments in the outside nature. It’s best when everything is there and nothing has to be laboriously brought from inside to outside. In this way, cooking becomes a joint event and nobody is alone in the kitchen to prepare the food.

The inspiration in the ROCK.AIR design process is an airy homage to Donald Judd, the icon of minimal art.

The look of the outdoor kitchen is identical to our indoor model ROCK, modularly constructed with cubes that fulfill different functions and can be combined with each other as desired.


ROCK.AIR has everything an outdoor kitchen needs – the basic equipment of an outdoor kitchen includes a grill, a sink and a refrigerator. Particularly practical is a sink, for cleaning vegetables or washing dishes, for example. The advantage of a modular structure is that you can upgrade if necessary. It doesn’t have to be a complete outdoor kitchen even with individual modules like the ROCK.AIR. You cook with a lot of comfort and save yourself the journey between the kitchen and the garden or terrace.

The outdoor kitchen is something like a new status symbol for garden or patio owners – you can easily invest a lot of money here. You’re welcome to show that with the luxury version. There are no upper limits. Equipment, materials, accessories and functionality ultimately determine the price.

As to what should you look out for when making a purchase in addition to design and functionality, Martin Steininger says: “To the materials! The materials should be robust and weather-resistant. Not only do they have to be able to withstand heat, frost and water, they also have to be UV-resistant. Stainless steel is recommended for kitchen appliances, sinks and fittings: the material is very durable and resistant. However, it should be treated with care oil at regular intervals.”

STEININGER Rock.Air X0B 3548, image © Roider

With the ROCK.AIR and the FOLD model, you can also venture onto the water! The model is used in designing new yacht models, where the STEININGER manufactory uses the outdoor kitchen ROCK.AIR on deck and the award-winning kitchen FOLD indoors. With the kitchens, but also with our interior planning on and below deck, maritime interior design is raised to a new level of luxury, with every detail designed around the perfect appearance at sea.

STEININGER stands for puristic, exquisite architecture, interiors and designer kitchens. BESPOKE designs and architectural settings from the Austrian design manufactory are in demand internationally. The designs by CEO and Chief designer Martin Steininger impress with their striking, clear lines, timelessness and sophisticated details.

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+43 7232 2229-0 | office@steiningerdesigners.com

St. Martin – Linz – Vienna – Hamburg – St. Gallen – London

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