Noj Barker’s Art and Lounge at Heathrow

Acclaimed British artist Noj Barker will launch Plaza Premium Lounge, UK’s ‘Art and Lounge’ initiative. This presentation of new works, World of Dots, will be shown consecutively at Heathrow Terminal 2 Departure and London Gatwick throughout the summer.

Delivered in partnership with curators Amie Conway and Alex Cousens, World of Dots is the third instalment of the Plaza Premium Group’s ‘Art and Lounge’ concept series, where guests are invited to discover different art expressions in their time at Plaza Premium Lounge. The launch in Dubai International Airport featuring the distinguished art pieces of local artists was followed by exhibition in Kuala Lumpur International Airport, where Plaza Premium Lounge guests enjoyed the opportunity to explore a collaborative art collection of up-and-coming Malaysian artists.


At first glance, Barker’s extraordinary paintings appear like they have been made by a highly sophisticated computer, whereas they are in fact produced painstakingly and with exactitude by the human hand. His creative practice is informed by music, from classical Schubert to modern electronic and dance. Likewise, inspiration is derived from the American Abstract Expressionist colour-field paintings of Mark Rothko, and the gestural brush marks of Jackson Pollock. This striking body of work resonates with the obsessional nature of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, with a strong individual aesthetic identity and style.

In a joint statement, the curators, Amie Conway and Alex Cousens said: ‘We invite you to look closer as each artwork embraces a unique colour palette, exploring pure primaries and mixed hues in earths, metallics, monochromes and multi-colours. As Barker applies layer upon layer of dots, his work takes on a sculptural quality with intricate patterns and textures emerging from the canvas. The individual dots are painstakingly hand-painted into an abstract infinite galaxy, creating an other-worldly landscape where one can immerse into a kaleidoscope of colours, which optically vibrate the eye. Painted in a hypnotic and meditative state, every dot is imbued with a sense of significance, forming a mantra-like refrain that helps Barker make sense of the passage of time.’


Mei Mei Song, Director of Global Brands and Transformation at Plaza Premium Group, says: ‘Art has a transformative power to inspire and uplift, and we believe that by incorporating art into the airport experience, we are creating a more enriching and memorable journey for travellers.’; She adds: ‘We are excited to expand our ‘Art and Lounge’ concept globally, and are thrilled to be working with an artist of Noj Barker’s brilliance and reputation.’

This partnership between Plaza Premium Group, Conway and Cousens will span a duration of one year from July 2023, showcasing a diverse range of artists. Lounge access is available for reservation on the Plaza Premium Lounge official website. The lounge is also accessible to eligible cardholders including American Express, Dragon Pass, Priority Pass and Lounge Key cardholders.

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