More Than a Piano, Solis by Edelweiss is a Work of Art

UK-based piano maker Edelweiss has created a majestic masterpiece with the launch of the Solis.

While the evenings are drawing closer and colder in the UK you may ask where the sun has disappeared to. The answer is the United States, in particular a new home in California. A Los Angeles based home has just taken delivery of the eagerly awaited Solis, a breath-taking new piano from UK manufacturers Edelweiss.

The Solis is the more than a piano, it is a piece of art, designed and created by the revolutionary Goldfinch by Edelweiss Pianos, a Cambridge-based piano maker known for its outstanding piano designs.

Based on the California setting sun and the wonderful landscapes surrounding the luxury home, the latest piano is a completely bespoke creation from the Creative Lead and Company Founder of Edelweiss, Mark Norman.


Mark specified two unique finishes that reflect the subject perfectly. A real metal finish known as Hierloom Bronze which is cold to touch, beautifully brought to life with sensitive patination and ageing, complimented by the Sunbaked Gold, genuine 23.5 carat gold leaf overlaying a tastefully crafted three-dimensional metal substrate, creating that inimitable golden gleam.

edelweiss solis piano 2

The piano is just the latest edition to the impressive portfolio of musical art to come from Goldfinch by Edelweiss. These one-off designs are created uniquely for the buyer’s homes, with their use, décor and requirements in mind, not to mention the planning and organisation to ship these delicate pieces of art Worldwide.

For those with budgets that can afford Goldfinch by Edelweiss, they undoubtedly offer the most futuristic and flamboyant piano creations available to date. For those looking for an exquisitely handcrafted piano made in the UK with customisable elements, then the Edelweiss Collection, currently on display in Harrods of Knightsbridge and online may be more to your taste.


The Edelweiss Collection includes the most popular piano styles in seasonal colours, and with a choice of veneers, colour contrasts and styles. The range is offered with and without self-play cleverly installed seamlessly in the structure. They also offer the worlds smallest grand piano with full size keyboard, the Sygnet G52, available in a range of colours and in the ever-popular transparent finish.

The Sygnet, also known as the ‘Butterfly’, has a compact design particularly suitable to inner city penthouses, super-yachts and restaurants.

Edelweiss has its roots firmly embedded in the piano industry. Launched in 2008 by the team behind 1066 Pianos, Edelweiss has remained in Cambridge and built its production facility there.

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