Mapping of the Moon Exhibition Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11

Sharp & Dohme GmbH-Hallwag - “The Conquest of Space”, published 1969

Coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the historic Apollo 11 moon landing this July, the exhibition The Mapping of the Moon: 1669-1969 at The Map House, London, marks 300 years of lunar and celestial cartography.

Taking place from June 21st to August 21st 2019, the exhibition celebrates the work of early astronomers in the 17th century to the Apollo 11 mission in July 1969 and beyond.

Hans Schwarzenbach-Hallwag -“Der Mond, La Lune, The Moon, La Luna”, Published 1969

Highlights from the exhibition include signed memorabilia by astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Jim Lovell, alongside space race ephemera from international corporations marking the lunar landing. Also on display will be an exciting range of maps, globes, lightboxes, star charts and 3D models dated from 1660s onwards. Each will illustrate mankind’s fascination with the night sky, and celebrate the first moon landing that captured the imaginations of millions of people across the globe.


The Map House is the world’s oldest antiquarian map seller with over 100 years experience in the field of cartography and a leading dealer of fine original antique maps, globes and prints. The Mapping of the Moon will offer a unique insight into lunar and celestial exploration and a celebration of the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11’s historic landing. Also in the exhibition will be 17th and 18th century observations of the moon from astronomers and polymaths Athanasius Kircher and Jean-Dominique Cassini, 20th Century lunar maps, globes and memorabilia.

Henry L. Bryant – Brass Armillary Sphere, Produced in 1872

The U.S. Air Force Lunar Wall Mosaic (1963), is an amazingly detailed map compiled from thousands of photographs of the moon carefully jig-sawed together and accurately measured with telescopic viewing equipment and computers; also on shoe are 1969 ‘internal use only’ map marking the historic Apollo 11 landing site in the Sea of Tranquility signed by Buzz Aldrin and a Philip’s map of the moon showing all six Apollo program landing sites signed by Neil Armstrong, and a signed large-format photograph of Apollo 12 Lunar Module Pilot Alan Bean on the moon in November 1969, with a poignant quote from author Rudyard Kipling.


The Mapping of the Moon will also offer visitors a broader history of lunar and celestial mapping, illustrating mankind’s fascination with the night sky. Maps, globes, lightboxes, star charts and 3D models dated from 1660s onwards show our natural compulsion to look beyond our home planet. Tycho Brahe’s map of the solar system, with the sun and moon both orbiting the earth shows an extraordinary attempt to combine the then current astronomical observations with the accepted classical model. The exhibition will also include 19th century educational charts showing the constellations and phases of the moon, an extraordinarily rare brass model of the solar system dated 1872, and a stunning blue and gold early 20th century celestial globe illustrated with the zodiac.

Jean-Baptist Homann, “Tabula Selenographica”, published 1710

After nearly seventy years in St James’s, The Map House moved to its present position at 54 Beauchamp Place in Knightsbridge in 1973. It is now home to the finest and most comprehensive selection of original antique and vintage maps, globes and atlases offered for sale anywhere in the world and has recently revived its publishing heritage by once again publishing books on maps including War Map and The Mapping of Antarctica.

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