Maas Gallery Presents New Sarah Adams Collection

There are also fresh perspectives as the artist revisits favourite subjects, often finding them altered, battered out from cliffs by weather and wave; the concealed, rarely-explored caves, coves and rocky silhouettes that undercut our maritime edgelands.

Working on site might even mean being marooned for hours on a neap high tide, a chance to examine the mirroring effect of water as it reaches the cave, reflecting light up into vaulted ceilings, and illuminating glistening, algae-clad walls.

Tidal Pool Nanjizal, mixed media on gesso panel, 45×40


But the collection has one extra twist. For the first time, it includes a number of mixed-media works, introducing ink, charcoal, conte and pastel on gesso panels alongside the more familiar oil on linen and board for which Sarah Adams is known. The focus shifts to tidal pools, chimerical and mysterious, among the natural arches and rocky plateaux of the intertidal zone.

Every painting preserves an atmosphere and structure in time. All require painstaking planning to access the site between tides – never working from photographs; relying instead on the traditional techniques of observational drawing and a honed visual memory to sustain many months of work in the studio, building up layers of paint in a manner that echoes the geological process it depicts.

‘Looking at caves with Sarah Adams is to marvel with her at the natural cathedral shapes and the textures and patterns of geology, and the play of light over rock and pool. She paints so honestly and intelligently, you can’t help but love her pictures because they are not about her, they’re about what she sees, and she loves it.’

Rupert Maas

There will be 20 works in the exhibition, including large paintings in oil on linen, smaller oil studies on board and mixed media drawings on gesso panel. All works will be for sale. Prices range from £3,000 to £32,000.

Sarah Adams at Trevone


27th September – 13th October 2023
Private view: Tuesday 26 September 6-8pm

The Maas Gallery, 6 Duke Street, St James’s, London SW1Y 6BN

+44 (0) 20 7930 9511  |
Instagram: @themaasgallery and @sarah.padstowstudio

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