Lily Lewis’ ‘Safe Places’ Portrays the Reality Behind Perfection

Painter Lily Lewis’ exhibition Safe Places aims to raise awareness for domestic abuse victims. (Top of page, Lily Lewis with Unknown 9.)

In partnership with Petersham Nurseries and UK charity, Refuge, the artist’s new collection shines a light on the complicated and often silent suffering of domestic abuse victims, cases of which have risen by over 61% in 2020 over lockdown.

Running from June to July 2021 at The Petersham Nurseries in Covent Garden, the exhibition will be accompanied by a charity dinner and auction by Lord Dalmeny, Chairman of Sotheby’s; with all proceeds going to the charity Refuge.

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Lily Lewis, Unknown 1

Lily Lewis’ new collection Safe Places features images actors from the ‘silver screen’ of the 30’s and 40’s who were portrayed as ‘perfect’, while the realities of their actual lives were far from it – not unlike our social media and the ‘selfie culture’ of today.

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All of the materials used in the exhibition are what the artist had available at her home during lockdown — pencil, Biro, and all the colour is from makeup pigment. Through these limited and restricted mediums for this collection, Lily adds another layer of meaning to the limitations that many felt in 2020.

Through her work, Lily explores how the colours and shapes interplay to create the sets and patterns of our lives, and how senses interpret them to create the stories we tell ourselves about our existence.

Lily Lewis
Lily Lewis, Unknown 6

Playfulness and stimulations to reconnection to the child within are tools that Lily often utilises to open the gateway to her creations. Her ground-breaking work has been featured in over 20 exhibitions in London, and around the world in New York, Mexico, Canada and Japan.

Works are priced from £2,000 for small canvasses, medium at £6,000, and large at £14,000.

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