Lauren Baker’s Megalith Totems at Dimbola Museum

Dimbola Museum, Isle of Wight

Multi-disciplinary artist Lauren Baker is set to release a new body of works – Megalith Totems – including paintings and textile wall hangings at Dimbola Museum, Isle of Wight.

Originally the home of pioneering Victorian photographer Julia Margaret Cameron, Dimbola Museum & Galleries stands as a testament to her groundbreaking contributions to the art form. Now, thirty years since its inception, Dimbola continues to honour Cameron’s legacy while expanding its reach to showcase diverse artworks from around the world.

The works of Julia Margaret Cameron (b: 11.6.1815, d: 1879) and Lauren Baker (b: 1982) differ in medium, yet both explore their dreamlike and ethereal artistry, deeply inspired by literature and mythology.

Lauren Baker, Megalith 2

Cameron’s photographs, characterised by their blurred edges and dramatic lighting, create a dreamlike atmosphere that transports viewers into a mythical and poetic realm. Lauren Baker, a contemporary multi-disciplinary artist, infuses her creations with a sense of the mystical. Her work draws on themes from the cosmos, higher states of consciousness and symbolism, inspired by literature and mythology with mediums
spanning across light, sculpture, paintings and textile.

Megalith Totems

Lauren Baker’s new Megalith Totem paintings and wall hangings – soon to be unveiled at Dimbola Museum – are inspired by ancient megalithic sites including Stonehenge and the piled stones of Inukshuks. The ancient stones painted in her works feature feminine ‘third’ eyes inked in a cave painting style. The artist says, ‘Ancient stones are like the bones of earth. The resonance frequency of rocks like Granite and Sandstone is 10-16 hz, reminding us that the natural world is very much alive.’

Lauren Baker, Megalith 1, Megalith 2.1, Megalith 3

Much of Baker’s work stems from studying the archetypes and symbolism, as well as tarot, charms, amulets and talisman, creating pieces that feel both contemporary and timeless. She is captivated by objects of spiritual significance such as ancient artefacts from the Palaeolithic era, fertility dolls, and ‘luck’ dolls and is known for her sculptural Totem Tribe and the Nature Is Watching works – which are detailed in her newly
published book: Mystical Visions. The book was launched at the opening of her exhibit of Consciousness Awakening, a bronze two-metre plant-like-tree sprouting ‘third’ eyes, during Venice Biennale – which is on until 24 Nov 2024.


Established in 1994, Dimbola has become a beacon of artistic exploration and historical preservation, attracting visitors from around the globe. In its illustrious history, Dimbola has curated countless exhibitions, workshops, and events, fostering a vibrant community of artists, scholars, and enthusiasts alike. From the earliest days of photography to the cutting-edge innovations of today, Dimbola remains at the forefront of preserving photographic heritage and pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling. Dimbola is also home to a permanent display on the history of the Isle of Wight Festival. @dimbolamuseum @laurenbakerart

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